May 19, 2011

Shawl Random Giveaway dari Moe Closet! Jom Sertainya!

oh dear this another one!
eheh. just found it thru whatever so-called blogwalking yaw.. yeap, GA! is coming ma way! 
this Giveaway would definitely pull maself up into it! why not? i gonna have a free gift! 
given away! just. like. that. 
(if i am chosen the winner lah kan) 
before that, every contest has its own terms right, so as for this, im gonna introduce a lil bit on moe closet okay! this would never bother u. 

here it is! 
those whoever wants to have a nice and up to date outfit such as beautiful shawls, cotton blouse, shirts for couples, sweet pyjamas and even necklace and bracelets! well u can have it here at moe closet okay! 

yeah for me, i am absolutely into shawls! ooo addicted on shawls! i used to wear it anywhere i'd feel like to wear okay. ehe. believe me wearing hijab such as shawl is much easier than d plain squared one. shawls are so abundant nowadays, n yet its easy to grab away!
(yeah this is one of the sources rite? hehe)
lets take a look on this well known gorgeous lady, Nurul Badiah Lai. She's been selected for styling n promoting the product from moe closet. ooo eym jay! 

i really like d color, d pattern is as simple as only flowers mixed with pink color. nice n casual. 
yes u can even get this shawl in many colors, just surf here okay!

ohh another draggy and catchy,

i just adore this blouse, short sleeve japanese cotton blouses. 
yeah this is ma style yaw! elegant loose and yet, so comfy.

necklace could never be apart with u gurls! 

yeah i know. sweet.

ohh this is sooo wooowww! sweet pink. styled with such loose seasoned pants. cool one!

ehemm.. well i hope dis site would help u out in dealing with fashion okay!
with that, i'd like to tag these 2 colleague of mine:

Good Luck to all contestants! :)


Hurun Akita @ Ciktika said...

owh cool babehh.....i like that shawl as flowering & pinky....ladies gituuu.....

shahniefa said...

hehe yup absolutely, cantek menarik!

Halusinasi said...

terima kasih kerana join GA dari Moe Closet^^
Blogwalking sambil meninggalkan tapak di sini^^

shahniefa said...

U r most welcome! Thanks btw Halusinasi! for dropping :))


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