August 1, 2011

fasting n the tests go with it

this month brings us many benefits. the door of heaven is widely open while the hell is closed tight. and we must with our full effort, strength n sincere should take this opportunity to increase our ibadah, amalan, sedekah, recite the Quran, tarawikh n charities within the duration. 

the nafsu should be taken care as well since all satans are nowhere. they are all jailed. for me, nafsu reflects several things. it could be the feeling of men towards women, nafsu in having wealth, fame, as well as to scold or say bad words (due to temper or, used to it). satan is not here beside us but the nature emotions in us sometimes expressed in the way we couldn't even think it managed to happen. especially dealing with anger. 

this is what i dealt this morning. i drove my car heading way back to hostel after dropping down one of my friend in front of the Bioschool foyer. i drove quit fast (about 40km/h) for a hilly road surface (is it considered fast?). 
suddenly a non-bumi motorcycle rider came up unnoticed from left junction (and i was about to turn left). since the road is directing to the left way only. i am of course in my lane. the man wanted to take right (my lane) but overtook the space for an opposite rider should have taken.
the man that so gelabah-semacam-hampir-langgar-bumper-depan-kereta i tu shocked n brake the motor like a squirrel ride a bicycle. sambil marah2 ntah hape yg die bebel. but still riding slowly n past by my right (the lane he SHOULD HAVE). siap angkat tangan like appa punya org laa! stlye of angriness. hey! u took my side, no space for me to take corner, then nk marah2 pulak. pahal? n i was like, what the tut tut tut this man! u know dat u are the one fault. makan jalan. haram btol! luckyly there was no accident at all. huh what a day.

the thing is, i didn't realize when the bad words like bangang bodoh haram and all that coming out my mouth. 
well u know, it happened in short sudden, like a reflects act uncontrollably when we are mad. soon after a while. i parked my car n awake. 
astaghfirullahala'zim... this is my first day of fasting, what did i do. people with unpredictable behaviours are around. we couldn't avoid them. life is going on. we can't stop it just because of this is a fasting month. u know what i mean, right?

this is one example of the tests for us. it come in many ways n u yourself have your own way in parrying n handle with it. remember, satans have left. there's no one could provoke us unless inside you yourself. 

thus, my friend, my advice is, just calm down when a SITUATION happen n lets just zikir a lot. by the zikir insyaAllah will lessen all temper n madness. n we can focus more in seeking reward from Allah. 

may all our sins be forgiven insyaAllah. 

thank for reading :)


Dewataraya Anumerta said...

gluck utk master...:-)

shahniefa said...

hye! ni kak nurul eh? ingat2.. perbah bg tips fellowship kan..

Dewataraya Anumerta said...

hahahaha...tak sangka kamu msih ingat lg...hahaha...ramai rkn blogger tak dpt kesan sapa akak sbb akak tak guna nama btol kat blog...hahaha...gluck utk kamu ya...ehehe

shahniefa said...

mstilah ingat.. hehe btw knp akak xpkai nama btul? apakah terjadi dgn blog dulu..
thanks ya.. :)

Dewataraya Anumerta said...

stress sbb ada org2 yg tdk dikenali cuba serang scr peribadi dlm blog akak...bengang sgt sbnrnya...smpai jd isu fitnah memfitnah sma2 geng blogger...ntah pehape tah...tuh sbb akak selesa guna identiti dulu msih ada, cuma telah di 'private' kan utk bacaan akak tak ley add kamu as follower ar?..huuu

shahniefa said...

ohh gitu citenye.. kalau da smpai fitnah2 tu mmg bhya, apa puncanya kak? okaylah guna id lain, as long as akak dpt contact balik kwn2 lama.. :)
eh? xleh add? knp ek.. sy pn xtaw. ada apa2 notification kuar x?

Dewataraya Anumerta said...

hahaha...akak dh ley add dh..ntah lebey senang dgn cr mcm ni...guna identiti palsu...sapa2 yg akak rapat n ingat, akak akan keep in touch ngan depa...yg lain2, sayonara la...hye2 bye2...hehehe

shahniefa said...

hmm btul tu kak.. xsmua manusia ngam dgn cara kita kan..just kdg2 org jenis mcm ni dengki or xboleh tgok kita lebih dari dia sikit.. mulalah nk menganiaya.. lebih baik keep ourself apart..selamat..xsakit hati.. :)


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