October 21, 2012

current episode of my life

assalamualaikum.. hye n hellouz fellas.. how r u doing? 
it is quite sometime i didn't get the chance to update my page. estimation of updating is only one post over a month. 
seem like so busy ain't? but it is not the chance that is hardly to get, the chance is there, the intention is also there. but the only matter that blocked them was the courage. 
lacking in courage might be the main reason why my page get dusty. fuhhh fuuhh fuuihhh!

alright, im feeling like to update the current things im doing, first. 
writing, writing, writing.
alhamdulillah, i am now focusing on writing and polishing my thesis. need more journal readings n reviews.
because what makes the thesis good and quality is how the research of ours can be relate with the previous findings and outcome. 
its not one or two research journals that must be read on, but thousands of them. u might wanna relate your research with many source and study. 
to get that, we have to spend more time on lappy screen, searching journals and articles in the internet. if we are lucky, we can download some journals for free, or otherwise, few ringgits are needed to subscribe them. 
besides, more time in library and library. ;p 
means, school library, mini library or main library. no matter in the state or in your institute. so yeah. 

the best part of my current status is, alhamdulillah. praise to Allah that i can write in my own state of comfort. luckily i can bring my work back home and write besides my loved ones! hehehe 
by the time the process is done, i can simply print them out and present them to my supervisors. alhamdulillah one part of my objectives, which is plant ecology part is done. the other part (antioxidant) is still in progress. 
im hoping the first part will be fine and ok. if there is corrections to be corrected, i hope that requires a while. insyaAllah. amin..

being with loved ones, that is actually the great inducer and what we call, a driving force to settle and finish the final stage. hahaha but sometime, the conducive and being in the state of comfy, give me chance to take it for granted. more time spend on lying and watching favorite tv programs. owh man, i need to throw that habit away. no way i can not let it control my nerves. 
oh Allah, i am the weakest and all i need is your guidance. bring me some strength, Allah.

other aspect, beside something good u have got, there is always lack or something u need to let go. in the state of writing, i am not able to work as Graduate assistant anymore. i have to resign as i am no longer attached in campus. so there is no monthly income and i have to rely on my hubby and only hubby. 
never mind though. alhamdulillah he recently got a job and that is ok enough. its a new fresh start in building a new life. 
difficulties are normal in newly wed couples. and i am happy to face it and experience it with him. and alhamdulillah my family in law is nice and kind enough to let us stay with them. 
based on my mama in law, managing my little sisters in law and handling home works such as cooking, washing clothes and cleaning are like a 'workshop' for me before having a real life soon, isolated and separated from my own family. i take it as a bonus. :) 
syukran ya Allah for the bless. alhamdulillah.


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