May 2, 2011

May's teaser

month of May has come!
April just passed. what i have done during that last 1day-gap month? only a bit! ohh nazzzz......
anyway, just wanna wish happy Labor day! those who worked on public holiday would get paid tripple!! i had d experience once in Domino's Pizza. 5 months. 
yieehaa! talking about tripple pay off, i wonder if there's d same for ipt students doing part-time tutor?
what a wonderful life if that happen. does it happening? im not sure. hehe
well, im about to make tutor as my side work besides running this n that, obtaining result of ma experiment, bla bla bla..
more on that later..tutor! 

yes! selected pix for this month. hahaha. very ss noty gal. 

p/s: ss-syok sendiri

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