June 23, 2009

KepadaMu Kekasih

KepadaMu Kekasih
Aku berserah
Kerana ku tahu Kau lebih mengerti
Apa yang terlukis di cermin wajahku ini
Apa yang tersirat di hati
Bersama amali

KepadaMu Kekasih
Aku bertanya
Apakah Kau akan menerimaku kembali
Atau harus menghitung lagi
Segala jasa dan bakti
Atau harus mencampakku ke sisi
Tanpa harga diri

Hanya padaMu Kekasih
Aku tinggalkan
Jawapan yang belum ku temukan
Yang bakal aku nantikan
Bila malam menjemputku lena beradu

KepadaMu Kekasih
Aku serahkan
Jiwa dan raga
Jua segalanya
Apakah Kau akan menerima penyerahan ini
Apakah Kau akan menerimaku
Dalam keadaan begini

~ramli sarip~
~kepadamu kekasih~
~naz nak layan lagu ni jap~

June 19, 2009

methodology of d experiment...~

what's the most thing we do in MIB

mostly ktowang wat inoculation n extraction plasmid DNA..the DNA given come in bulk (approx 200 sumtin)..at 1st kami xtaw sample ape yg sprvsor bg ni..tp klw nk taw, leh type name sample tu kat ncbi..

huhuhu..tp xsempat lg nk cari..cz asal bkak intrnet jek, niat lari drpd yg asal..pttnye jari ni taip ncbi, tp tertaip fs, blog, fb, n mcm2 lg la huahuahua..tp senior ktowang gtaw tu sample kacang tp xpasti part mane..so..ni la task ktowang..wat mase ni..the next task will be given after d current task is done..

trademark yg pastinye menjadi bahan ketawa bdk2 MIB..
ko ni naz..xhbs2 dgn trademark tu..xde trademark lain ke? -xdek!-


proses di bwh : utk prepare glycerol stock for future use...

seblah kanan skali : universal tube yg da ade growth of cells
kiri atas : propylene tube

tgh : flame

kiri skali : glycerol 50%

on my left hand : microcentrifuge tube

right hand : micropipette

pipetting kanamycin n sample into d tube

Broth containing the grown cells then filled into new propylene tube


extracted DNA


setelah itu, electrophoresis kan kan kan..

dna inserted into well of agarose gel..ni kami guna load 200 sample..tapi ktowang wat 60-90 je..sakit pinggang n sendi2 urat segale pas wat mende nih..last, result is taken..nampakla sgale band2 dna tu..

pasni nk wat transformation..peminat semua tggu ye huahuahua..

June 18, 2009


regret...actually there's lots of regret in my life that make me now immune to things that might make me regret again...so does everyone else...

rasenye xde sape dlm dunia ni yg xpnah menyesal...in fact, drpd kekesalan tu lah yg membuatkan seseowang tu jd tabah...as life goes on...xkan ada lg word penyesalan dlm kamus hidupnya setelah die mengalami penyesalan yg lalu...

aise...pnjang benau ayat aku ni...hope u got the meaning... :)

yg pastinya...aku mgharapkan masa2 yg aku ada skg ni...utk baiki blk kesilapan aku...byk wei...kesilapan lampau aku...kdg2 buat aku trauma dlm jaga...kendur n lemah sgala urat2 ni aduyai...perlu ke aku list kan...rasenye xyahla...if de peminat aku yg nk taw...come n c me xkne bayaran...aku yg bayar korang muahahaha...

for those who feel the same as me, there are some tip...who knows it might work
(cited from wikihow)

  • Writing about your regrets, feelings, and frustrations can help understand why you did what you did and how you can learn from your mistakes.
  • Talking to a trusted friend or family member can also help you identify fallacies in your thinking and give you the opportunity to sort through your feelings instead of merely experiencing them inside yourself.
  • Visualize yourself acting and doing things as you move forward and leave your regrets behind.
  • Seek out support groups or a counselor in order to discover how you can get relief from regret and guilt.
  • Keep your situation in perspective. Remember that anything you've done is totally forgivable, even though it may seem unforgivable to you.
  • Take comfort in knowing that we've all made really huge mistakes! You're not alone. If you only knew all the skeletons in people's closets, you'd know that we all do things we seriously regret at times. But, this too will pass (as they say).
  • Should all else fail and leave you lacking the will to attempt anything ever again, just leave everything behind. Make every day a new beginning of your life, and past mistakes mere handicaps that you are born with. Your focus from now would be to shape your life into what you want.
  • Whatever your past mistakes are, they can be redeemed and used for good if you are truly sorry. The mistakes you made can be used as teaching tools, to prevent others from making the same bad choices and getting into the same trouble you did. If you're truly changing you can work with teens and be a mentor. Sharing your story with others, with the goal of teaching, can be very healing. The rough things you went through, even if they were your fault, can even help others who have already made mistakes they regret, because you can be a friend to them which will understand how they feel and not judge them.

June 16, 2009

Master Degree Holders

aku tgh pk lg sm ada nk amik part time o full time..

ikutkan semangat aku skrg lebih kpd ingin blaja lg..

nk timba ilmu lg..kerja? hmmm bukan keutamaan aku skg walaupun abah mgharapkan itu..maaf abah..

once im alone in my room..then my mind starts running..keep on thinking..i've made my 'niat'..but now is which Us is better/suits my field of study..as well as my intention..

actually its an aesy matter..but im a person who is hard to make decision..have n need sum time to think..well if that is, then i have to follow the flow..


below..i've attached some info best described what is master degree really is..cited from one of d sites i've invited..

Master Degree Programes

---The Specification Of The Study---

Master's degree students generally have a much less rigid academic schedule than undergraduates.

Because they've already earned bachelor's degrees, they've proven themselves able to withstand the rigors of academic life, and covered most of the basic courses in their field of study.

---Scope and Courses Taken---

Graduates students are thus given a little more academic freedom when it comes to choosing courses and planning their academic goals.

On the other hand, many graduate programs require students to write long original works, called theses, on a chosen topic in their field. These projects can be very time consuming and difficult.


currently..me n some of my friend still disscussing on what n which courses we going to take..planning and surveying each Us in Msia ni.. hmm glad to hv friend with the same mission n interest..hehehe..


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