November 14, 2011 year engaged

alhamdulillah after all we've been through, the bond gets tighter and we've managed to know and accept each other. 
all praise to Him. for giving us chance in improving the relationship since that day, years ago. 
yeah like many other couple. arguments are fundamentals. u will feel nothing without cari pasal in one day. all for the sake of seeking his attention. i was like that. 
and i am still like that. :) 

i know sometimes my habit go beyond the limit and he can get really mad because i had made him confused n blurr. i made him like he doesn't know who i am and what i want. 
deep inside my heart, i felt guilty. but it was too late to say sorry. serve me right. i was given a free lecture. 
at least, i got him. i got his attention. ahaha.  

with all your wishes, i hope the relationship stay strong until the big day.


Muhammad Khairul Fahmi said...

tahniah...semoga berkekalan hngga ke jinjang pelamin seterusnya hngga ke akhir hayat :)

shahniefa said...

hoyeaahhh! TQ ya.. :) insyaAllah..amin ya rabbal a'lamin..


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