June 25, 2011

Rubik's challenge unstrain my mind

ya yee yaw yee yaw
owh what an annoyed. ehe not so. 
im about to share my asset! sound so vast kan. like a house. or gold. or a land. or a car yg leh di kongsi2. aha kidding. i dont even have 'em except the 2nd car. tu pun abah tolong bayar downpayment. 

its actually a hobby. im sure u've mentioned as u read my post entry. the hobby is commenced by an influence from my very man, Dato' Fiance la sape lagi whom also influenced by his ex-housemate whom as well influenced from whoever around the globe has the same interest n uploaded Rubik's tutorials in Youtube. 
its a Rubik yaw. rubik's cube. (say it right, kiuuuubbbbehhh)
suddenly thought of Night at Muzium. been watching it many times. Khamunrah pronounce it that way that make me sooo into d slang

ok ok. 
at first sight, im not that interested. when Dato' Fiance has d obsession, the cube is taken every single place he went. lunch, library, Khulafa, bus stop, MidValley, toilet too!.
n i just looked at the tip of my eyes. seeing him scrambling the cube n resolve it again n again. he tried to pull my attention to it n taught me of solving it by some secret techniques. sometimes he search for the tuto when he got stucked by the time its almost finish. he's so determined until the feel came to me. 

we then started collecting every shape n patterns of Rubiks. went to each store that possibly sell this puzzle-like toys. from Puzzle World MidValley, Toys r Us Subang, Jonker Walk n Bus Station Melaka n Game World Bukit Jambul, Penang. with various size n colors. from normal shape, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 to unique shape 3x5, 3x4, 3x2 transformer shape, pyramid, hexagon, round, 3x3 with hole, n so others are collected. 
we had such a luxury time by only lay back n help ourselves done with the Rubik.

here's d collection

normal shape of Rubik's cube

coming to unique shapes

most fav Rubik's cube. i always bring this.

common found in most toy stores

yeah i love this!

till then! im in my way uploading the steps n techniques on solving d scrambled one.


Anonymous said...

aina... toilet pun ada ka... hahahaha...

Hakim The Awesome said...

Can you sell some cubes to me??

Anonymous said...

kat mne bleh dpt rubik cube yg murah2 ek??


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