June 30, 2011

i wish i was wearing this

guess what this picture of mine is probably speak?

one thing for sure, im engaged. 
but this is NOT exactly what i wore. 
:' |
i should take this dress. due to insufficient money, i put it back (there was 50% cut off that time!). 
i snapped some of pix during fittings, stared at that dress n went away. 
bit sad. the dress must has been taken away at this time.  

June 29, 2011

June 27, 2011

im beaten by the situation

what would u do if somebody ask u for the stuff that u used without the owner's apprisal, but then u have the recognition by ur mentor, a very genius n well experienced, but also the one seem to neglect the job ethic systems? 
break others right by simply took other's belongings without noticing the owner.

by the time u asked whether it is okay not informing the owner?
then the answer u get, "its okay, just keep it silence".
and u stiffed. wordless.

u had to keep it shut because of u need knowledge from ur mentor. when there is so much deeds given to u and u just think of its better to obey coz ur mentor should know what is right and what is wrong. but?
plus, u are hanya menumpang di tempat orang. u don't have power. 
thing is, u realized that was wrong. 

what would u do? what would u do???
when the somebody tell u that the owner rampaged figuring out that the stuff had gone. stolen. 
forget to mention, the owner is a foreign citizen.
what perspective of Malaysians the owner would describe?
u think it.
such a big rock lapped over me. can't breath right. 

June 25, 2011

Rubik's challenge unstrain my mind

ya yee yaw yee yaw
owh what an annoyed. ehe not so. 
im about to share my asset! sound so vast kan. like a house. or gold. or a land. or a car yg leh di kongsi2. aha kidding. i dont even have 'em except the 2nd car. tu pun abah tolong bayar downpayment. 

its actually a hobby. im sure u've mentioned as u read my post entry. the hobby is commenced by an influence from my very man, Dato' Fiance la sape lagi whom also influenced by his ex-housemate whom as well influenced from whoever around the globe has the same interest n uploaded Rubik's tutorials in Youtube. 
its a Rubik yaw. rubik's cube. (say it right, kiuuuubbbbehhh)
suddenly thought of Night at Muzium. been watching it many times. Khamunrah pronounce it that way that make me sooo into d slang

ok ok. 
at first sight, im not that interested. when Dato' Fiance has d obsession, the cube is taken every single place he went. lunch, library, Khulafa, bus stop, MidValley, toilet too!.
n i just looked at the tip of my eyes. seeing him scrambling the cube n resolve it again n again. he tried to pull my attention to it n taught me of solving it by some secret techniques. sometimes he search for the tuto when he got stucked by the time its almost finish. he's so determined until the feel came to me. 

we then started collecting every shape n patterns of Rubiks. went to each store that possibly sell this puzzle-like toys. from Puzzle World MidValley, Toys r Us Subang, Jonker Walk n Bus Station Melaka n Game World Bukit Jambul, Penang. with various size n colors. from normal shape, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 to unique shape 3x5, 3x4, 3x2 transformer shape, pyramid, hexagon, round, 3x3 with hole, n so others are collected. 
we had such a luxury time by only lay back n help ourselves done with the Rubik.

here's d collection

normal shape of Rubik's cube

coming to unique shapes

most fav Rubik's cube. i always bring this.

common found in most toy stores

yeah i love this!

till then! im in my way uploading the steps n techniques on solving d scrambled one.

June 24, 2011

i farted n no one knows! haha

i was presented like, owh my. Alhamdulillah...

can u imagine by d time u take seat, waiting for ur turn to present. ketaq lutut, n sometime u had like stomach content boiled or, d muscle wrenched so sudden, n back to normal. so awkward it occured continuosly n farted like many times!

after striving for bout 1 week, preparing slides shined with walla! animations! 
(credit to my Pharmacy labmate for helping me out! owe u much),
d Colloqium end up well n i exhaled with a smile. dlm hati ni gembira, Hooorayy! but i showed humble like innocent AF candidate waiting to be judged by panels. haha. 
so as me, waiting to be asked. 
actually, this isn't my first time. i have had d presentation experience before during my degree, but the thing so made me in nervous was, im in fear, if there would be questions that i couldn't answer. 
n guess what? that heck was really happened! 

the first n second question were asked by same lecturer, Prof. Chan. my friend's supervisor. 
it was ok with the first. but coming to second, i was like blurrr.......... n i answered with a question: 
"i don't get ur question",
making Prof repeated the question in different way. still didn't get until another lecturer, Dr. Nik verify it. n i looked at my supervisor, Prof Mashhor. he smiled at me, he seemed ok with it.

that was the only part made me down. when it got to lunch time, Dr. Nik meet me n explained d situation. 
actually, Prof Chan n me misunderstood each other with this one term, a 'sample' term. 
in my understandings, one sample means d whole plant in 6kgs, but for Prof Chan's, it means only one plant.
Dr. Nik told me my presentation was good, n d experiment method was all right, don't worry. 
i was happy to see Prof Mashhor proud. n i got a thumbs up for my presentation. 
but yet deep inside i feel ashamed a bit for couldn't answering a simple one (after figuring it out a simple).
pity Prof Mashhor. he invited many visiting lecturers from every continent to see me presenting n introduced me. (they are joining a mangrove project between 18 universities, but im not joining due to heavy experiment runnings). if u were in my shoe, u could feel how it was.

when i muhasabah, i should not think it too much. i should stop thinking that awkward situation from controlling my mind. oh yeah, its bad. im a heavy thinker. keep recalling n visualizing the situations happened to me especially disappointings, until i sleep, until it flown away by times.
yeah i shoudln't kan?
i though, thank Prof Chan for the suggestions. she wasn't scolding at me. she was just giving a guideline so that student aware n that could help d student from failing. in fact, we just clashed by the term. i at least have precautions for final presentation before graduating. the lesson is, if u don't understand the question, verify it. like, "do u mean a 'sample', a whole plant? or only one plant?"
like that. settle it right away. so that u aren't look like dummy in front. ahaha.
wokayy! im good. im good.

i also thank my bestie Sha for keeping my spirit up until d end.
n d most important my Dato' Fiance as well, for always listening n smile to my whateva grumpy thenggg. n for d encourage, i love u for always be my buffer for my temper. always support even i am wrong in certain condition. ehe. i just can't manage myself well without u.

love u sayang...
KK Park mmg best!

p/s: well done n syabas to labmates, Aisha, Muza, Nabilah n Siamak. we have gone thru it n move a step, ready to undergo the next.

June 16, 2011

All in 1. Memory of Celebrating in d Gathering

my visit to my becoming home, Sandakan
such a pleasure, full of happiness. treated with kindness. new relatives-to-be seem to accept me warmly.  
nerve accumulated n ready to burst out by the time front yard got crowd. my smile never leak. hands ready to shake. "Naz, when u shake hands,  its a must for Sungai community, to get ur head down and kiss d hands, as for salutation". Ayah reminded me. yeah thats d culture of Sungai community. i think its d same as well in semenanjung, especially keturunan org Jawa like me. 
hahaha. yes, nervous made me kiss my own hand! hahaha. can u imagine it was really happened unconsciously. what the me!

anyways, here's the pix im about to share..

beauty isn't she? heheh. ma future mother in law. i am honestly, sometime feel dat im older than her. or better sound, she's my sister. woahaaha..

Celebrating mama's birthday, 10th June. yeay! 3 tingkat cake! but, guess what? ehe.. i was kinda frightened staring my name written on d cake by d time we picked it from d cake shop! 
Nazifah, 25th. n Joharie 25th. 
we have celebrated for our coming birthday in July. thank you so much mama ayah for adaaa je surprise!
i was really surprised. 

family from sort angles. this only some. i believe more i haven't yet to meet. 

aha. yes! karaoke time! me n Dato' Fiance, singing one of favorites, Jangan ada dusta by Broery n Dewi Yull. i was hoping there would be no rain. again. ahaha.
hoyeaah, future ayah in law. he's been struggling for this ceremony. d night was bit tough due to heavy rain! but it doesn't seem a trouble. d majlis finished well like kacang jerr.. n we enjoyed so much.
n yeah, i keep reminding myself of 'shaking hands' thing. ehe.

i am personally think dat the yard is big enough to have as much as 15 tables. with 150 guests. 

Dear miss Hurun Akita with Dear Sis to be. :)
alaa.. d cake chopped u can't see my name on it. ehe. never mind though. i really appreciate what i've been through from d second i stepped d house. glad having to know my family to be. even be part of em. insyaAllah.

okay for now. till then! 

June 14, 2011

when it comes to fashion..

When it comes to fashion, this only what comes to my mind: "Simple and Gorgeous"
sound familiar x? ehe. for those who had voted for me, yes la perhaps. 
actually i thank very much to all members and supporters yg da menjalankan tanggungjawab mengundi sy dlm fashin election. waaahaha. 

no lah. kidding. it was just, yeah, Alhamdulillah. syukur utk tempat ke-tiga dlm contest My-Style Ur-Style yg dianjurkan oleh my fren Ku-Nadia.

d prize? for third place, im gonna have a shawl, n handmade brooch. it quite an award for me. big one. coz i was truly didn't expect of winning even top five. coz i got only 99 likes in FB. sure that girl with 400++ would win. but Ku-Nadia is smart enough as winners are not judged by the highest 'like', but tagline as well. 
yeah, that is my  tagline up before this entry. ehe. 

Alhamdulillah lagi. coz i have just came back safely after a week family gathering in Sabah. erm, naaa, not gathering actually, its more on knowing n getting close with my fiance's relatives n families.
furthermore, i kinda appreciate the family for bringing me to places of gladness, Gunung Kinabalu (kaki gunung Kinabalu.  as for first time, insyaAllah top of mountain someday!), Tip of Borneo, Sepilok, RDC, Taman Buaya, what else? 
more on that! 

as for closing, nah, 1 pix.

ni d Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. if u see d sabah map, u can see the ear-shaped looking on d top. that's where we were.
serious fast furious angin sini.. sgt2 besh!

eh, bagi lg satu gmba,

pantai ni seblah je, see d tanjung above ma head? yeah dats d Tip of Borneo.

till then!

June 1, 2011

Ikhwanul Aiman

he's not a legend. 
only an under aged boy, loved by all family members. 

tiba2 nk buat entri pasal adik laki bongsu yg bernama Ikhwanul Aiman bin Jainar. boleh? aiman x kisah..
ehe. aiman lahir tahun 2003. tahu je adik bongsu lahir (i was form 5 at that time), trus perah otak cari nama best, cantik n sesuai utk die. maka, sambil saya n kakak saya mencekik hidangan tgh hari, tercetuslah idea nama tu. "Kak, ok x nama Ikhwanul Aiman?", "Ha, Ok2. Jom kita propose kat mak" kakak menjawab. 

mak pun setuju, walaupun beberapa kali argue! cian mak.. at first mak nk bagi Ahmad Idham. "Tapi Mak, kami mmg berkenan sgt nk panggil adik kami Aiman..xtaw la knpe, its just, sedaplah nama tue!" :)

here's d pixs of him.

sekarang, aiman da besau.

pandai berfikir. 

pandai mengira.



dan membaca.

kadang terlupa.

cari mood.


ehe geli hati tgok pixs ni. comel. striving, n memorizing. 
ms ni aiman sedang mencuba teknik terbaru mengira tanpa menggunakan jari2. kalau 9+8, takkan lah nk guna jari kaki pulak kan? kat sekolah, bukak kasut, stokin, goyang jari jemari kaki n start combine jari tgn seblah kaki, xcukup? tambah pensil sebelah. tunduk2 la bwh meja tu. sampai kejangggg.. takkanla pulak..
so my way, memorize the 9 in mind, n just add up with 8 whichever this time fingers is allowed n recommended. u can sit in relax sambil senyum. okay! :)

these pictures were taken when he was finishing Sekolah kebangsaan punyer homework, maths. but dressed in Sekolah agama. tak sempat tukar baju okay. semangat punye pasal. heh.
he was standard 1 at this time. 

im proud of u. u've prove that beside my psp u borrowed for hours-ly playings, u never take easy ur study. 
mak abah were really happy to see u stepped on stage taking ur award. u have been awarded as the best student of standard one 2010.
tahun ni pastikan lebih baik k syg! love u kiddo. go go chaiyok! muwah! 


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