October 31, 2011

truth about dream

believe or not, seeing u are terribly sick like dying in the dream last night, make u appreciate your life soon after u wake up. (Naz, 2011) 

October 27, 2011

Sis's Grad Event

few days back, i went to KL to support my lil Sis to be.
happy as she has finally completed her 3 years struggling in UNITAR and celebrated her very big day at PICC Putrajaya. 
with all of family's best wishes, good luck will always be with u dear!

nice hallllllll! 

this is the youngest in d sibs, Hanis. she just had gone through an operation successfully. Alhamdulillah. 
actually, she had a problem where a tonsil grew in silent since she was born. the tonsil gave her a little resistance and somewhat blocking the air from entering the lungs. 
now, i am truly happy to see her. she got no implications, no side effect after the operation. 
in fact, im impressed to hear her shouting n yelling around the hall playing with Nabila n Auni, the elder siss'. 
a bit comel with her voice. i couldn't help myself eavesdropping. all attentions went to her. 
yeah. she is absolutely a young brave kid :) 

btw, Khairun Nadiatul Khazrina, u looked simply gorgeous. 
the robe fits u, giving a smart posture, besides the domo-flowers u hold. 
i remembered when u said "sorry for burdening you to come here all the way". 
naa, i'm not burdened by anybody la Sis believe me! :) 
i'm truly happy. i'm supposed to be the one who afraid of burdening any of the family members. (hope not). 
or, to be worst, i'm afraid i could regret for not coming over. 
naa don't worry. the tortures happened once in a life time! hahaha no! just kidding! 
seriously i don't mind coming all the way to see u on stage. to see mama ayah. to see Auni, Nabila, Hanis. 
in fact, i got more as a return. i got it already. this is the only chance seeing you guys. 
this is the only cure of my "miss-u-all" disorder :)

Congrats dear! 
let's pray n hope for the bright future. what's next? furthering for another step of success? yeah we know u can do it Sis! :)
here's the deal: further study in UMS? together? 
hehehe u decide!

October 26, 2011

Pearl Brooch Oct 2011

Set Pearl Brooch bind with shining crystals

BH 01

BH 02

BM 03


BO 05

BP 06

BP 07

BP 08

Pearl Bracelet Oct 2011

another nice bracelets are about to grab! 


GM 01
Diameter: 6.5cm

GM 02
Diameter: 5.5cm

GM 03
Diameter: 5.5cm

GM 04
Diameter: 5.3cm

GM 05
Diameter: 5.0cm

GM 06
Diameter: 5.5cm

GM 07
Diameter: 5.5cm

GM 08
Diameter: 5.5cm

Pearl Necklace Oct 2011

latest for this month! 
= D
every set come with a necklace + a bracelet
nice fit case is included 


Rantai Mutiara Sabah

RM 230/set

RM 230/set


RM 230/set

RM 230/set

RM 230/set


October 10, 2011

new additional antioxidant tests

yeay alhamdulillah after all tests i have done in pharmacology lab, those freaking antioxidant tests are all cleared. i mean, finished. i'm waiting for the analysis result. how the graph plot become. 

if its normal n acceptable, then i can go on with writing. if not, the experiment is going to be repeated back again. 
to be curious, Prof had just assigned me another test, a nitric oxide test. seriously i have no idea! anyone? 

some of my labmates told me that this test is quite difficult. i'm not sure which part but a student claimed no result after several attempts. well, i need to order the chemical though. 

the best, interesting part right now is, if the test went successfully, i would be dealing with some rats. a test which uses this little sacrifice-r to see how my herb extracts work on their kidney, liver, and brain. this test involve hydrogen peroxide if i'm not mistaken.

can't wait to do this! it must be sooo awesome! to gain something new out-of-my-field-of-study. 
i really hope my 5 months in Pharmacy school worth the effort with some papers published, voila-ly! 

i'm doing a test called Total Phenolic Content (TPC), Ferric reducing capacity test n Trolox Equivalence Antioxidant Capacity test. all of these tests require a spectrophotometer read at various wavelengths. 

while this is DPPH radical scavenging activity test. the yellow color indicates a high antioxidant activities. purple color means no activity at all. the output data obtained from microplate reader. 

 i'm hoping the coming test going to be easy.
till then y'all. 


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