May 9, 2011


ngeh ngeh ngeh
yea i told ya..more pictures have come!
here. most our time spent having ourselves fun. of all stresses in lab. 
well these pixs are d same as previous one. d only different is, it was taken from Dr.'s Canon. thats all. :)

love dis one! tried to make a small jump, n i came to view d pix, impressed to see dat high!
ngueh heh heh

dis car has served me to d fullest. travel all around Penang. n yet, still potent. love u dearie bebah! 
u r like no other.

auw auch! auch!

after all d treats we'd given to Dr., d foods, d hot nasi lemak, d spicy seafood tomyam, d nice coconut drink, d delightful fried banana, d maxis sim card. really. he planned to pay back with Pizza. ohh we were flattered. thank u so much Dr. :)

little mudskipper. Dr. was eagerly enjoyed dis creature. 

d same as previous post. heh

same again. ;p

again, same. ;p

dis is what i meant by a joy sporting trip of Dr. yeah! 

C. ciliata sampling site. no comment. hehe

besties. :)
they are all going to MUKAHEAD tomorrow.
MUKAHEAD = marine research station. belong to USM. d centre is equipped with wet lab, hatcheries for fish n marine culturing, etc.
im not joining them. lotta work to do in Pharmacy school. continuing ma antioxidant extraction.
i shouldnt be worry. Dr. will be staying until 15th May. ngieh heh heh
nice being with Dr. coz he is very friendly. in short, i could say dat he is a great visiting lecturer which could switch into a crazy cut-wired-head as us.
laugh is laugh. work is work. professional. hahaha
what a kind one.

ok la. going bed. daaa fellas.
till d next post.
nite nite!

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