May 5, 2011

cutie cattie

Hey cattie!
 (wonder why am I love to call sumthing with additional –ie at d end)
Hey hey hey, u’ve been sneaking all over my desk, leaving all messy n how am gonna do ma work ah? Meowww here n there. What r u looking for? D whiskas I gave u last day? Finished already ah? Aiyaa~ luckily ar.. u r super cutie mutie cattie.

Where’s ur black n white playmate cattie?
Oohh poor lil cattie, meh cni meh.. mama give u a warm hug.


Ashraf said...

kucing tu ade fb x? haha..
kat sini ade 2 ekor kucing yg ade fb:

shahniefa said...

ehe..tade la.. ni kucing comel yg mmg kegemarannye suke merayau2 n masuk bilik org, looking for foods or minta belaian simpati.. ahaha
wow really? then all pics n posts are bout d kucing la?
suke2! loooveee it! ade juga somebody's blog pasal pet, a dog i think tapi lupe plak url die, just walked by d blog je.. ehe :)
thanks 4 ur comment anyway!


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