May 19, 2011

Pencarian Blog Kemas, Cantik dan Berinfomasi BY QISZANA


eceh..mcm gempak pulak kan? 
ok just wanna slip this entry by before laying ma head down, going sleep. ehe. terbace entry ni semase blogwalking. Pencarian Blog by Qistina. yeap! 
just read it at d first glance. n it attracted me to read in detail. so this is it. why shouldn't i participate? just for fun, n furthermore, maybe i could possibly get new friends thru such contest kan? ehe. 
okay straight to d point.

this contest is open to all blogger out there. 
there are 3 options which need u to choose emmm, im not sure whether i can choose more than one? 
1. Blog Cantik
2. Blog Kemas
3. Blog Informative
well, i've checked some of d participants comments saying that some of them take two out of those three.
i'd rather participate for no. 2 as mine.
(ohh i really like to participate all three yaw!) tapi, takpela.. not sure if i can. i will definitely take it if im allowed to.
for nice n informative, im sure there's many out there to be compared with me. ehe.
there'll be a prize but not for this time being. bak kate pihak penganjur, nk listkan dulu blog2 yg menarik.
okay then. let's try. :)

yeah if any of u would like to join, just click away the link above, n don't forget to leave ur comment in that particular blog with ur link (post yang u all da publish beserta contest tu okay!) :)
each category will have only 10 chosen shortlisted blog. 
hope mine will be in d list! :)

peace yaw!
as usual,

1 comment:

Cute MuM said...

Salam Kenal..
Cute Mum datang dari blog Qiszana..
Jemputlah ke blog Cute Mum pula.. :)


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