May 19, 2011

how to wear simple plain shawl

yeah! this is ma first post of how-to-wear-shawl yaw!
i got the strength after being pushed, (erm, not exactly) being supported maybe? yes! ehe. 
i was at first intended to share d Hana Tajima-like style. before moving that serious, i took this simple plain style first okay. 

as an i.n.t.r.o
i am most likely to wear dis style for classes, lab works n daily light routine. mcm, pegi tesco o mydin ka..bli brg. kan. style ni sgt2 sesuai coz ringan, n sejuk. plus, with d tempereture of about 30-32 degrees in Penang, u shouldnt have more than this. those who has jojet n lycra. yeah i recommend it. 
chiffon sy rasa xbrape seswai coz terlampau nipis. while cotton, i think when i done with it, it give a kaku look. shawl tu mcm keras pulak. btw, it depend on how u manage it. its beautiful when u could see the shawl waving a bit. baru style. ehe.
oh ye. lycra. lycra agak tebal, but please do feel d texture. agak sejuk kan. so thats y sy pilih lycra jugak. kay! :)

ok lets begin

1. make sure the shawl u put on ur head is short in this side n long for d other side. then pinkan bahagian tepi mcm pix di atas. see me holding d middle part of the end? bawak ke bahagian tepi muka, mc pix d bawah ni.

2. mcm ni. okay? n secure it with a pin. tujuannya, boleh cover leher, even u dont have the maysaa inner. u can still cover ur neck. budget kan? ehe. 

3. n then, d long part here, bring it on ur top head as in d pix below.

4. like this. n secure it again. 

5. yup, da jadi. nampak loose kan. n a bit messy look. but i like it. 

6. make sure shawl tutup bhgn belakang jugak. 
u can wear it in any color. whichever u prefer. i know u would make it better! :) 
owh please void the Cybelink Youcam tag down there. ehe. its a trial version. more tuto later will be done by ma own camera. peace!

Dear Hurun Akita, this is ma first attempt. hope u dont mind. 
ehe. ye, nanti i upload hana Tajima punyer k. promise..


desperate mama said...

owh... love this tutorial... nice!!!!

shahniefa said...

ehe.. thank u so much.. :)

Hurun Akita @ Ciktika said...

yihuuuuu...i like this gojes2 ^_~ waiting 4 da next...tq nas ... =D

shahniefa said...

u'll make it better darl! ehehe ok akan upload soon.. k!

Hurun Akita @ Ciktika said...

baekk ana tajima pineng..ngihehehe ^_~

Anonymous said...

hanaz tajimaz~


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