May 9, 2011

2nd day of Dr Ulrich

yes. dis is d 2nd day of Dr. in Penang. 
more fun, more sightseeing. more kilometers. n most important, more PICTURES captured! haha 
very camwhorelicious ladies here accompanying u Dr. what a must! heh

d journey
most of Dr's time was spent on bringing him around Penang. show him ma research sampling site
(d place where i picked ma sample for antioxidant values n as well for herbaceous, which is, quadrate sampling)
next, brought him to the tsunami impacted area (Sg Pinang n Batu Feringgi) 
 i was at first, intended to bring him to Pantai Acheh n Sg Burong actually, but end up headed somewhere else. due to override driving. huahaha
speaking of tsunami impacted area, Pantai Acheh is a place compacted with mangrove trees
(as it is mangrove swampy area). 
while Sg Burong was one of the tsunami effected area which as what were claimed by some villagers there, their crops production got even better after the impact, due to the muddy inundation. well, its a good new findings.

na..d pictures speaks clearer, louder than words. enjoy!

just reached one of d popular beach in Teluk Bahang, Penang. see d small plant behind us? yes, dat is Ipomoea. ma desired plant for antioxidant exp. dominating d shoreline here.  

loved to see Dr. was really enjoyed every second. i think he was a bit influenced by our childish kiddie cutie action. yaaaww! ;p

viewing Batu Feringgi beach. what? swim? naaa..we didn't even take a dip. didn't bring spare shirt. huh. what a missed! super duper pose. kindly puke d content out of ur stomach. 

muza n aisya. yes2. u both gorgeous. (put ma arms on chest with ma eyes looking up)
sentap hate mak nak.

beautiful isn't it? like2.

love dis pix. as simple as us. enjoyed d moment.

some of u knows dis place. me? i don't know. n dis time being. worstly, i just forgot d name. but dis is one of the heritage culture. 

u describe it. same as above. of course la.

at d Eco-Hub USM. its a centre for studying ecosystem n nature towards sustainable community. sort of. :)

yeah! d most beautiful scene, captured by Aisya. nice one! LLLOOVVVEEE IITT!!

more on d trip 
more on photos! 

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