May 2, 2011

i don't know

just don't have any idea why so sudden i'm becoming so diligent in writing whichever called not-dat-important post though, in ma blog.. u know y?
mmm in ma thought, might be, ive been injected by some bloggers, after reading thru their blog 24/7! their ideas, their sort of experiences, how they synopses the story morry n all dat. quite attract me to do d same! result? just look at ma new image, hahaha

seriously, walking on Maria Elena n Hana Tajima which is as for my personal, the most inspiring blog on earth right now had turned me into this! 
well.. u know, im not dat noob! :p i've been like, wearing shawls before, (simple as u put and bring around ur neck n head), but these 2 peeps have pushed me up into getting more serious in varying ma style of wearings! just LOVE IT! credits to them.. LOVVVEEE ITTT! 

and im proudly n pleased if i could share the style with ma BFFs! 
Sha! lets try this out bebeh!

Hana Tajima
ohh i just ADORE her! she has her own aura to surrounding! dragging d eyes, n simple as i love to be!

Maria Elena
as for Maria, i love to read her blog, her every days out, chilling with blog frens, cheeky winky activities, d mimics all dat. every posts got me laugh at d end..besides gorgeous, she has her own credibility, and style. plus, a very good motivator (she is, by indirectly thought me to be a confident woman wiith hijab) and she is funny too!


here's my lil fiance studying, striving to keep pointer up, again this sem! even though u have already achieved it, im proud with u. 

serious young man beside me.

go for it dear, nail the sem to its end! 

huaaarhhh im not even hv much time doing ma thesis writing! dussshh!
bloggingggg jer..! 


Ashraf said...

dahh follow :D

shahniefa said...

followed u back. :)

Hurun Akita said...

kakak naz...follow la org gak ek...da lama x bukak blog...bhabuk dah..xlama g cuti bley aktif2..slamat bkawan d bloq

shahniefa said...

yeayy! da follow..its ok..k.naz pnye pn da behabuk lame, ni baru update2..aiseh, asyek megupdate blog, smpai keje bertimbun aiyoo..(garu kepala)

Hurun Akita said...

ngiahahaa....xpew....tu la psal...blogging ni kalo dah bukak susah mau fikir bnda len dah..igt bloqq jak siang malam..haha...keje2 tu bia c awie yg watkan..amacam?
wat lg entry sal tudung2...ske bace..kan byk fesyen shawl u pndai...all suit u prettey nice....awwwww ^___^

shahniefa said...

yup2 exactly, kalaw da mencongok kan diri depan lappy ngadap blog, montot melekat xleh gerak kemane dah! haha tp klaw report d all dat, kejap je. pastu g main kucing jap, minum jap, baring jap.. at last kroookkkhhhh2.. dengkur xhengat..
aiyarkk, wat entry sal tudung ek? ehehe tu pn byk gak refer blog maria her truly bff blog.. awwwwww! kalaw u pakai pon malatop! chantekkk! u shud too, take a try on it! :)


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