May 4, 2011

dearie Guess

ohh dearie dearie dearie Guess.
i know i bought u with a cheapest price. coz i don't judge u by quality right now. coz i know im not afford yet to have ur high imperial relative. but please keep my word, i will certainly get ur so-called majestic ally once i rich enough. really soon.
thus for this time being, please bear with me Guess. i hope to stay long with u.
my last Gucci had finally end d life after 4 years servicing me. im truly honored with the sacrifice. me, after some self-sequestrated, hopefully u'll serve more than Gucci.

ohh please ignore the black bar behind (its a Compaq battery) 
 i ended this entry with a peaked mountain of hope....aminnn....

p/s: what a dramatic! jam je pon.. :))


AieeN said...

simple n cantik!!

shahniefa said...

masheh aieen! just followed u..keep walking my blog yaaa.. :)

AieeN said...

ok dear!


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