May 30, 2011

experiment burst out

been buzy like crrraaazzzeee this month. had to attend cousin's wedding, preparing the proposal, logbook report, herbarium, oh yeah! extraction process the most important, and as well, submitting the form for bioColloqium (well, it didn't take much time but yeah, delaying it made me a bit gelabah yaw!) 

ehe jangan ikut2 perangai sememeh saya. suke delay keje. 

ma entri is more into expressing ma geramm! coz i found this morning that ma flask, connical flask that i used to do ma antioxidant experiment (already filled with sample inside) was burst out! discharging the fine grounded leaves outta flask mouth!

let me brief d procedures:
1. grounded leaves were put inside d flask, 2. added with distilled water (represented as 0% methanol concentration), 3. n 1 ml chloroform. 4. it then left for 2 days at room temperature.
when i returned back this morning, i was like,
what the!!

haa..see see. cantek kan? memang cantek.. i loike!
huhh, of course i never thought this would happen la kan, who knows? actually i just obey the guide instructed by the experts.
u think la for 0% concentration, didnt ever expect this would be. even my 50% n 100% okay je. ehe mcm ada nilai artistic pulak kan pix ni. huahaha
nseb distilled water je, bkn chems yg sensitive like bloodiful easily explodable ke. kan.
 why ma sample got this way? u know ah? explain pweeaaseee.....

prof: 'ade foam ke?'
me: 'xde prof, silap lukis tu, ehe'.

this is ma first time experimenting. i in other way i really appreciate to have this experience. i have no regrets okay! never! i just love failure. (doesnt mean i wish to fail) but to think reversely, at least i got the knowledge. n definitely taught me not to do the same mistake anymore ever.

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