January 31, 2012

14: A picture of me and my family

the picture is still hot! macam pisang gorang panas. was taken on 29th Jan 2012.
event: sis's (3rd sibby) engagement day.
oh baru perasan masa ni everyone busy sampai tak ada masa nak bergambar penuh 1 family.
ni pun curi2 masuk bilik bile dipanggil, then keluar balik layan tetamu. 
wahhh welcome to the club Cik Dila! 
we're even now. yg penting, aku jalan dulu. hang sabaq no.. :)
kanan sekali: kakak gorgeous
belakang: mommy gorgeous

Selamat bertunang, Nor Fazilah Jainar.

13: A letter to someone who has hurt me recently

actually this issue is century-ly kept apart and i'm now sobered up and just let myself to forget what's already passed
in hope that particular person (if she reads this) aware of what she did wrong and may Allah bless u with happy life
dear friend, the relationship is still going good and i'm hoping that one day we could have a little shares like, a drink, a chat, a little laugh, like we always do

January 30, 2012

12: How i found out about blog and why i made one

i like to surf about all sort of stuffs. attires, gadgets, books, jobs and free pc applications. another kesukaan ialah enjoy reading news and forums. one day i read on a forum, a blog url link was attached along with the comments posted by the user.
then bila da terlayan blog-blog dorang nih, tercetusla minat nak buat satu.
on the basis that kita boleh curahkan apa-apa pun info atau kisah hidup atau kemahiran atau pengalaman dgn readers. selain meluaskan rangkaian kenalan.
then i figured out that rupa-rupanya there's no charge of creating one. 
so itulah permulaan dunia blog.

ber-belog dari sudut positif mmg banyak
bloggers bole share ideas, chat, melatih kemahiran utk create something different and unique dlm page esp blog skin and css codes what so ever and melatih kemahiran merangka.
while keburukan pun ada kalau blogger tu make the blog as a medium untuk menyerang orang2 tertentu dgn menyebarkan fitnah, memburuk-burukkan orang dan menyamar. ohoho terlampau dah.
critical case boleh memecah belahkan perpaduan hanya kerana blog. yela, si penulis ada kuasa penuh untuk mengeposkan apa saja bentuk cerita asalkan si penulis tu puas hati setelah meluahkan rasa amarah benci dendamnya melalui blog. siap kutuk2 carut lagi.

my side of view, blog is "write to share".
share is not emphasizing on your emotion semata-mata sampai boleh menggugat pihak-pihak tertentu.
share lah something (say, kau pandai main rubik ke) yg boleh memberi impak positif pada pembaca, kan
something yg membolehkan readers pun nk share same thing relate to hobby atau kemahiran jugak.
tak rubik's, maybe, music, tak music, maybe, suka goreng ayam
ada rezeki boleh gather and secara tak langsung dapat buat komuniti khas
"kaki rubik's" ke, "kaki gitar" ke, "kaki ayam" ke,
yeah, that is what blog matters for me.
if nk luah rasa tak puas hti tu lebih baik cari someone that u can directly convey the message.
solat ke, kan, terus berhubung dgn pencipta. Dialah yg berkuasa settle probs.
if sampaikan dlm blog, apa je kau dapat.
kau dapat kenakan orang, tapi hati kau merenyah lagi tak tenteram jugak.
setakat nak increase trafik?

till then, thanks for reading this. :)

selingans antara quests

as i told ya before, i've been buzy (yg buat2 dan seriously mmg buzy) lately
so the quests challenge berteraboq sket la na
some tu ada yg terlewat post
some ada yg  double triple posts in a day
okay kan..okay kan.. 
as if u all mind
hek hek hek
ape pun, i'll as much effort to jot the best even its a bit late 
or far too late
or a bit too advance
sure u don't care at all kan
the point is, as long as u got something to read about, good enough la 
kan? :)

thanks for eyeing my page

11: Another picture of me and my friends

let's just make all of these photos under 'Today's Wordless Post'

January 25, 2012

10: Something i proud of in the past few days

there's no specific things i did can be measured as self-worth, or something i see to be proud of these past few days. 
load of works are continuing which for me, it worth my efforts, even the outcome is yet to be obtained. 

yeah, that can be something i proud of, as i keep struggle. 

9: Songs i listen to when i'm happy, sad, bored, hyped and mad

Songs when i happy: Pop rocks. sing by Enrique especially. he is kind of experimenting with his own voice. just awesome.

Sad: more on nasyeed and zikrullah. so tenang. the sadness is decreasing and fading.

Hyped: layan je smua especially those who sings out loud and clear, macam Enrique juge. ehe. like this particular one. Cuando me Enamoro.

Mad: no particular song. usually i jump on bed, lek2 and tertido dgn lenanya.
kroookkkhhhh kroookkkhhhh kroookkkhhhh..

January 23, 2012

8: Short term goals for this month

1. finish paper writing - antioxidant
2. finish the last NO assay experiment
3. edit more on cryptocoryne paper writing
4. prepare slide for Biocolloqium and seminar

chaiyokk! chaiyokk! chaiyokk!

January 22, 2012

7: A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on me

i would certainly triggered to perform the best in everything i do when i see these photos. 

Bethany Hamilton


imagine how its like if we were born with some of the features incomplete. or lost it in an incident. 
life must be quite tough ain't? we would feel discouraged and started to blame everything, keep questioning why did it happen to me, not any one else.

but as for Nick, he doesn't let the details stop him from enjoying this life. in fact, he tuned it and graduated by obtaining a double yaw! double bachelor's degree, majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning in Griffith University, Logan, Australia. who would believe this. he has traveled across world sharing his stories with millions of people. he has such a strong determination that there is a purpose in each of struggles we each encounter in our lifes. his believe in god, his family, friends and all sorts of people he has encountered in life are his encouragement. his stories compiled here and here.

that gives a big impact on me. 

as for Bethany, a well known surfer was attacked by 14-foot tiger shark while surfing off Kauai's North Shore. the attack left her with a severed left arm. unbelievably, she recovered so fast in just one month with a very positive attitude. her lose didn't stop her pursuing her goal to become a professional surfer. believe or not, she took 1st place in the National Championships just after a year she was attacked. u can know her more, here.

that gives a big impact on me. 

Hero, a guilty innocent cute cat. both front legs were heartlessly chopped off by someone when Hero took only a fish to eat. *cry*. what a cruel thing. whoever had done this to Hero, remember this, bad thing u had given, bad thing u will receive. 
back to Hero, he was rescued and nursed by a generous man. know more on his blog, here.
Hero's story had been told in several medias all around the country. he's currently copes very well with two back legs even at first, he encountered complications and experienced a poisonous effect. 

that gives a big impact on me.

so dear readers, when i read these stories, i feel energised to make a kick-start. i feel grateful as i were born healthy without disabilities. 
we should thankful enough as we were born perfect. there's no excuse or finding reasons of your failures. 
success is from failures. its not failure because of failures. 
sometimes i feel terrible facing a little test from Him. indeed, He knows what's best. i feel so embarrassed if i don't use what have, or in other words, what we borrowed from Him, effectively. 

so here's a short term goal that i want to accomplish:

amin ya rabbal a'lamin...

how about u?
what encourage u in life or what gives u impact in achieving success?
do share with me ya. :)

6: Favorite superhero and why?

of course my abah. he is so super than a superhero.
he sacrified anything in his life for the sake of me and other sibbies.
he taught us to be grateful for whatever we have. yeah we were living an average life. little goods and possessions. and he win our heart by not granting every wishes every kids do and we didn't mind at all.
we just live happily.
apart from that, he's been always there to help me and, he's like, knows what i feel even we're separated by a wall.
especially when i sad. he knocked my door and ask what's exactly the probs i face.
he's the best dad in the world, and i love him so much.
he's been my superhero, is my superhero, and will be my superhero forever.
my wish, semoga Allah memanjangkan usianya dan dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik berpanjangan.
amin ya rabbal a'lamin...

doakan utk nya sekali, ok?
:) thank u for reading!

January 21, 2012

5: A picture of somewhere i've been to

Pesta Pulau Pinang, 30th Dec 2010.

my shirt was wet by sweat. every space filled by crowds. luckily we managed to snap one quickly. ngeehehe.

ni la salah satu rumah tradisional d penang. eh, am i correct? men bedal je aku ni. tau naik, tapi xde kesedaran tempat ape yg ko naik tu? hah gasak.
ehe, pic ni menyatakan yg aku bkn main control ayu kan? hakikatnya dah mandi peluh dah. org berpusu-pusu dtg, time ni last2 day of pesta. tinggal lagi couple of days pesta nk tutup. and aku, dah 3 tahun jejak penang, ni baru first time bertandang. everytime take the route just near the pesta, aku just watch from the outside and there's nothing interesting at the first glance.
then one day me and him decide la nk masuk before we grad nanti. so yeah.

haha yg kelakonye, there are two ticket counters kat luar, u have to pay first la as usual before entering one place.
so apparently, people parked their cars from this particular place khas utk park sebelah kiri. so for sure people are walking heading to pesta from this kiri side lah kan. 
then we saw a long line in front of the counter. we moved a bit further and rupanya lagi satu kaunter sebelah kanan ni xde org pn yg take line. ahah. alhamdulillah dpt elak beratur panjang2.
pointnya di sini ye adik2 kakak2 abang2 pakcik2 makcik2 reader sekalian, itulah namanya keadaan mempengaruhi pena'kulan kita sebagai manusia. ingat x pena'kulan mantik?

its like,
1: a adalah b jika b adalah c
2: b bukan c
jadi, a bukan b.


1: jika a, maka b
2: a adalah benar
so, b adalah benar

dlm konteks situasi d pesta ni, its like,

1: jika ada org beratur panjang, maka di situ lah kaunter tiket
2: memang org beratur panjang
so, kat situ lah kaunter tiket.

see? people are born with same instinct and the decisions they make more or less are indeed,
influenced or affected by the condition where they are in.
so as me.
and other thing mungkin keadaan malam membuatkan pandangan mata terhad. kaunter yg lagi satu sebelah kanan tu memang terlindung coz there were people blocked just in front of the counter, waited for someone or taxi to fetch them up, perhaps.

eheh. so done with pena'kulan mantik. sambung cerita pasai pesta.
masuk je, kiri kanan memang penuh dgn jualan2 especially tikaq2, carpet2, toto2 (not sports toto, fyi), shawls, unique perabot, and macam2 tak dapek nak ingat semua.
interesting booth were:
booth lukis potret on the spot siap!
booth print nama on jerseys
booth boxing competition. contestants were from all around the states, from singapore pn ade.
just dropped for a second.

as for hari2 terakhir pesta, all those stuffs jatuh harga. murah giler for toto. i thought to angkat satu, but thinking of space availability, my room didn't allow me. so mari gigit jari bersama-sama.

further in there were funfair located at the center.
mcm2 bendalah pusing2 khas utk mereka yg mahukan cabaran dan mereka2 yg yg nk jaga badan. dpt muntah segera.
ohsem okay! paling syok naik mende alah ape tu just 4 persons seat? vortex!

(pic is cited from this blog. more info on her blog ya. maafin aku buk, aku ngambil tanpa pengetahuan kamu! peace)

serius boleh muntah atau pening atau pitam atau bisu atau mapuh (tahap extreme, bergantung kepada kemampuan diri).
aku naik swing je. lalalala.
swing ni pon separuh nyawa melayang tahu? side effect yg aku dapat: bisu.

owh maskot angry bird pon hade. yeah mmg aku x bargambar dgn angry bird coz, ramai org nk bergambar jugak. maskot tu actually jual balloons. so org request only for taking pics. not buying the balloons they sell. so those yg nk bergambar tu kena cas. ye lah kan, org tu penat2 berdiri ketaq2 try to handle the gravity as pakai costum mmg payah dow. leceh n some more oxygen pun kne curi2 inhale. sesak nafas kot dlm costum tambah2 lagi duduk tgh2 crowds org tolak2 kadang nk smpai nk terjatuh. cian angry bird tuh. then, senang2 je org capture pix gedix2 n blah cam tu je? tu diaaaa.
kalau aku pn, aku cas jugak. lagi mahal dari ballon kehkehkeh.

one there's one more, the night we went, there was Ijad Exist performing live consert in the hall there. sempat lah aku stop jap layan lagu oh, ibu. his voice mmg best.


so peeps, next year akan ada lagi pesta penang. mai jgn x mai. ajak family 1 bas. 
one advice, be careful when u are in crowd. pick pockets might aim those yg leka dok membeli belah. 
kids can just lose from your sight as they excited with this and that yg reward some cutie teddy bear in game booth areas. or they also can tertimbun dalam carpet dek asyik sgt memilih.
u judge it. its common sense. :)

till then, thank u for reading :)

January 18, 2012

4: A habit that i wish i didn't have

talking about this, so many subjects and objects fly about just above my head. *rolling eyes*
and the 3 most thing i hate on are,

i buy dress that i rarely wear,
i buy foods that i can't finished it until the last piece,
i buy books that i seldomly read, even finish it in time that supposed to be

i wish i appreciate goods or stuffs i bought.
there's so many people in this world wish to be in my shoe, could simply have things they wanted.
but i tuned them out. i know i would get some bad things back to me as the pay off.
thats not what i hope.
so the solution, i am currently switching myself to spent extravagantly and use every thing i have appropriately.
and i'm on it.

January 15, 2012

3: A picture of me and my friends

here's the latest pics of me hanggin' out with my besties.
im not gonna put one, but some. 
i believe that all of the photos i'm going to attach here pose their very own memories. 
and i will absolutely smile every time i see those photos. 
this time around was the only and the happiest moment i've ever had with them. a sweet memory and, u know what? 
a bitter as well, was brought home. 

i was leading a trip to Gunung Senyum, Jerantut, Pahang. the program was one of many sub-programs held in commemoration of Hari Merdeka. in 2007, during our second year degree. 

 after having our breakfast that morning, we moved on. even it was a bit late from the schedule that supposed to be, we brought about everything needed including the tents rented. 
the journey to the destination was Alhamdulillah, smooth, safe and sound. 

we had a walk the first night we arrived. it was fun. 
i just love them all. all of the members are my besties. 
some of them are currently engaged, furthering studies and some got married. 

happy go lucky, outgoing and crazy minded! lol
we wore sports attire as the 3 days filled with a challenging and tiring activities. 
mount hiking, exploring and treasure hunting, ab-ceiling etc. 

 from the early morning until late night, the day was filled with so many activities that crazily came across our minds. 
until one day..

i fell from a 10ft steel stairs that connect the caves between the upper cave and the other which lie at the bottom. we were told to care about manners. 
but i disobeyed it. i was too excited i was hopping around and recklessly, mount up one of the big rocks there. 
over some circumstances, i bet that was the reason why i fell. 
tragis betul. 
betul kata orang, jaga tingkah laku di tempat orang. ;p

maybe i was too naughty. im gladful enough that i'm still alive. 
whatever it is, the day i fell, was the day i see who's really care about me. among all of my friends, some was burst in tears. and i was really touched. 
i was very thankful that the accident was happened to me. not any of my besties. 
i would definitely blame myself if any of the team member got hurt. 
and i thank Allah for giving the lesson to me. at least i got it as a guidance. 
wherever we are, a good behave is claimed as a must-thing to be concerned on. 

2: The meaning behind my Blog name

well, i actually have used this name for almost 8 years since form 5 lagi. 
Shahniefa, is a word that i used in logging my account, online banking, fb, e-mail, twitter and sort of that requires username including Blogging. 
the combination of nazifah/iefa brings up to Niefa. yeah correct.
as for Shah, mesti some of u reckon the word came from my fiance, right? 
yeah! correct! your thoughts are just like the others who guess the same. hahaha.

but in reality, it doesn't. 

yeah seriously. 
how come my fiance's name Mohammad Khairol Joharie went to be Shah? 
doesn't make any sense? does it? 
so here's the truth.
Shahniefa is the combination of the city where i live, Shah Alam. bet u wouldn't believe it, would u? 
hehe yup its true. so i took Shah to be combined with Niefa, which describes two names, 
my bestie's name since sekolah menengah, and me. 

the name selection was made so sudden when one day i need to fill up a form with the email requirement. 
so that's it. 

January 14, 2012

a challenge of 30 days.. let's take it!

from the post u see below reflects that im out of topic, do i?
haha straight to it. daripada merepek post mende jadah xda pekdah bek this time i choose something different to share, kan. even its about myself. at least u got some info, kan. ngehehe. yg penting, info. 

so below here the lists of 30 days must-be-written and each one of them should be described honestly. i wonder if i can do this continually but i try the best lah. since idea pon xdak sgt nk menulis tp gatai sangat nk menulis makanya, tulis lah apa2 yg menjawab persoalan 30 hari ni. 

so, izinkan saya menjawab quest no 1.

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name.
Day 03- A picture of you and your friends.
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why?
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on you.
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why.
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days.
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends.
Day 12- How you found out about Blog and why you made one.
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 14- A picture of you and your family.
Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play.
Day 16- Another picture of yourself.
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have.
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them?
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future.
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy.
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else?
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot.
Day 24- A letter to your parents.
Day 25- What I would find in your bag?
Day 26- What you think about your friends?
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned.
Day 30- Who are you?


so yeah, a recent pic of me. this was taken by mr. fiance at Monkey Beach, Penang.

A recent picture of me and 15 facts about me:
1. im so so so very very very sensitive person that i only show it to the person i love. my family and mr. fiance are the only people on earth can bear my attitude. sometimes i go beyond people might rasionally think. 

2. i usually take a car-ride-sightseeing of about 15 minutes after having our dinner. since im in penang, so the route is commonly from Sg Nibong - Geeorgetown - Sg. Nibong, then back to USM. kalau tak jenjalan, rase x lengkap. hahaha. 

3. i just answered two questions and u know what, im feeling kind of going tougher as i finished listing, the heck? two? seriously? 

4. i love seeing my friends happy and somewhat achieved their goals. i hope they know i'd like sharing the moment. but i've experienced terrible moment where one of my friends took it wrong way. she thought that i was kind of jealous. what the heck! it was very awkward and it hurt me till now. 

5. the meaning lies in my name is, clean. hehehe.

6. i was once teringin nak jadi pramugari. ahak! then nurse. ahak lagi! pastu, pilot! omg! 
yeah those were infantile punya ambition. 

7. really love sports and outdoor activities. would wanna involve and participate 'em, if i have company to go with. u know, its fun taking part with your friends instead of alone. the memory of being stick together is the sweet thing. otherwise, i'd rather do some indoors lah. 

8. my first instinct of being rich, like, very rich not just ordinary rich is, bringing up my parents together to perform Hajj. i really want to realize this and i hope it'd be fulfilled before either of us gone forever. Aminnn ya rabbal a'lamin. 

9. im now practicing to be a good singer, for my future husband. :) 
ohhh murni kan niat itu.. hek hek hek..

10. would really really really want to go to Paris, standing under the eiffel tower on a romantic night with my future husband. i always visualize the moment everytime u ask me where's the place i'd like to go. insyaAllah. 

11. i'm looking people not on their beautiness nor handsomeness, neither their wealthiness. in fact, i look for how they treat others. their manners and attitudes. 

12. i bought more, but wear less. that's the main problemo. it would finally end up with throwing em' away. 

13. i would at least have 50 ringgits spare in my wallet. slipped somewhere in it. 
so that when i found it, i would cry out surprise. hahaha.

14. i hate watching my desk, my bed, or my car untidy. 
i inherited my father's habit. would clean up first before laying down. 

15. mr. fiance once urge me not to think about others' feeling that might interrupt or disturb my plan. 
 and i couldn't agree more. thank u dear. 


yeay! alhamdulillah selesai utk hari ini.
i presume, its okay if i post two entry in one day. is it? well, like, u care? 
so peeps, why don't cha take this quests too?

January 9, 2012

gi mana sih adoy..

how to make yourself like or love to one particular subject of your study? i am really blurr of what im going to do even guide my muscle where to put on first. 
i am now should be focused on writing dah. no more obtaining data. supposed da start for literature or discussion. discussion? ohh that part supposed to be last. jauh lagi kot kalau nk start buat skrg nih. ha thats why la im down. still lost focus. 

actually this part je yg memengongkan kepala otak ni. objective ada 2. one, on ecology part. and two, on antioxidant part. 
that part of ecology yg membantutkan writing. antioxidant so far ok sangat dah. 
but when it comes to ecology, penyakit malas mula menjalar, mencengkam dan menutup pintu hati arrrghhhh!
i've tried hard to get rid this feeling. ok. like, push myself jugak cari info-info and jurnal-jurnal yg berkaitan. then when i've finished download them, i get myself freshen up dulu lah sebelum start baca balik notes tu. bagi semangat sikit la kononnya.

i took a cup of drink, g toilet, solat, got fresh back. i sit back and guess? 
ya Allah. malas nye nk baca mende kejadah panjang2 ni addoyyy! like, this part sgt leceh, like hating it! haa sampai cam tu sekali nok. macam jumpa hantu.
lagipun, i have no fundamental at all in ecology. lain kes la antioxidant ni, even pharmaceutical subject, at least i have the soft skills. some more, there're assistants in pharmacy school who guide me. so no problemo lah. 

hadus. gimana ni pak..buk..

January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

as if that title influence the new-year-ness in me *skeptic eyes* 

well, happy new year jgk lah even lewat satu hari, but nevermind though, it still early month kan. and i think its not too late to greet. even its february or march or first half months of the year, its accepted jugak ehehe. yela, time flew by mcm palesit tup tup da masuk thn baru. rasenye 2011 baru nk start enjin. many goals not achieved in 2011 and i should want or not, bring them forward to be reached in this year. 

hmm i need to relist and resort back the gowwlls or can be called as well as destinyyyyyy..... :)
ops, perhaps its more accurate as, destiniesssss........
yes, destinies.
i bet there's a lot more in 2012 to be achieved as compared to last year. pstt..i was a lil lazy back then. that's why achievement tak berapa memberangsangkan. KPI memang teruk lah. tapi kalau tengok dari sudut usaha, mungkin KPI tinggi. ahah. kaw ada KPI utk usaha? aku hade. 

oh! one more thing. thinking about age, trase aku da tua. mari menangis T_T
thn ni bertambah 1 angka dlm digit umur aku. kalaula turun 1 angka, msti seronok kan. muda je mcm benjamin button. makin tua, makin anjal. makin genius. makin gorgeous. 
eh, im not sure whether the movie is adapted from true story or not? 
whatever is, i'm glad n thank to Allah s.w.t kerana masih diberi peluang bernafas n masih diberi tenaga cukup utk kita berusaha mencapai matlamat-matlamat dalam hidup sebelum dipanggil balik, kan. 

till then peeps. lets list whatever wishes need to be listed and make sure we are all work and go for each of the goal which is so called destinies. 
with the name of Allah, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 
Salam Tahun Baru. 


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