January 15, 2012

3: A picture of me and my friends

here's the latest pics of me hanggin' out with my besties.
im not gonna put one, but some. 
i believe that all of the photos i'm going to attach here pose their very own memories. 
and i will absolutely smile every time i see those photos. 
this time around was the only and the happiest moment i've ever had with them. a sweet memory and, u know what? 
a bitter as well, was brought home. 

i was leading a trip to Gunung Senyum, Jerantut, Pahang. the program was one of many sub-programs held in commemoration of Hari Merdeka. in 2007, during our second year degree. 

 after having our breakfast that morning, we moved on. even it was a bit late from the schedule that supposed to be, we brought about everything needed including the tents rented. 
the journey to the destination was Alhamdulillah, smooth, safe and sound. 

we had a walk the first night we arrived. it was fun. 
i just love them all. all of the members are my besties. 
some of them are currently engaged, furthering studies and some got married. 

happy go lucky, outgoing and crazy minded! lol
we wore sports attire as the 3 days filled with a challenging and tiring activities. 
mount hiking, exploring and treasure hunting, ab-ceiling etc. 

 from the early morning until late night, the day was filled with so many activities that crazily came across our minds. 
until one day..

i fell from a 10ft steel stairs that connect the caves between the upper cave and the other which lie at the bottom. we were told to care about manners. 
but i disobeyed it. i was too excited i was hopping around and recklessly, mount up one of the big rocks there. 
over some circumstances, i bet that was the reason why i fell. 
tragis betul. 
betul kata orang, jaga tingkah laku di tempat orang. ;p

maybe i was too naughty. im gladful enough that i'm still alive. 
whatever it is, the day i fell, was the day i see who's really care about me. among all of my friends, some was burst in tears. and i was really touched. 
i was very thankful that the accident was happened to me. not any of my besties. 
i would definitely blame myself if any of the team member got hurt. 
and i thank Allah for giving the lesson to me. at least i got it as a guidance. 
wherever we are, a good behave is claimed as a must-thing to be concerned on. 


sangai biru said...

gunung senyum kampung kite neh..hehe..sbb 2 kite senyum sokmo..hehe

shahniefa said...

owh.. haha ada kngn yg btul2 memberi pengajaran d sana..


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