May 22, 2011

new posts on?

just a slip to remind me maself.
its about getting out, squeezing ma brain to get this page valuable to all readers out there.
i am currently thinking of what im gonna put on this blog.
antara entri yg pada sy wajib utk share dgn u all adalah:
1. perjalanan hidup yg menarik, pengalaman mematangkan diri, ilmu n research study
2. shawl wearings n style practice! yaeh! wajibul cube! hehe
3. hobby, especially rubik's cube. 
yeah i love to play this kind of boxie thing material. had most of rubik's design. besides continuous learning, i am eagerly in sharing this skill with u. 
see ma intro post on rubik's during ma last time practical night out in Jonker Walk here.

by d way, all readers..
mind if i wanna ask ur favor?
please vote me. simply clickk d like button k!
n then LIKE ma page
really appreciate u guys. 
this is ma first time participate in such contest. 

right, kindly remind me if i did forget any of my words okay!
wish u a happy weekend! 

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