October 21, 2012

current episode of my life

assalamualaikum.. hye n hellouz fellas.. how r u doing? 
it is quite sometime i didn't get the chance to update my page. estimation of updating is only one post over a month. 
seem like so busy ain't? but it is not the chance that is hardly to get, the chance is there, the intention is also there. but the only matter that blocked them was the courage. 
lacking in courage might be the main reason why my page get dusty. fuhhh fuuhh fuuihhh!

alright, im feeling like to update the current things im doing, first. 
writing, writing, writing.
alhamdulillah, i am now focusing on writing and polishing my thesis. need more journal readings n reviews.
because what makes the thesis good and quality is how the research of ours can be relate with the previous findings and outcome. 
its not one or two research journals that must be read on, but thousands of them. u might wanna relate your research with many source and study. 
to get that, we have to spend more time on lappy screen, searching journals and articles in the internet. if we are lucky, we can download some journals for free, or otherwise, few ringgits are needed to subscribe them. 
besides, more time in library and library. ;p 
means, school library, mini library or main library. no matter in the state or in your institute. so yeah. 

the best part of my current status is, alhamdulillah. praise to Allah that i can write in my own state of comfort. luckily i can bring my work back home and write besides my loved ones! hehehe 
by the time the process is done, i can simply print them out and present them to my supervisors. alhamdulillah one part of my objectives, which is plant ecology part is done. the other part (antioxidant) is still in progress. 
im hoping the first part will be fine and ok. if there is corrections to be corrected, i hope that requires a while. insyaAllah. amin..

being with loved ones, that is actually the great inducer and what we call, a driving force to settle and finish the final stage. hahaha but sometime, the conducive and being in the state of comfy, give me chance to take it for granted. more time spend on lying and watching favorite tv programs. owh man, i need to throw that habit away. no way i can not let it control my nerves. 
oh Allah, i am the weakest and all i need is your guidance. bring me some strength, Allah.

other aspect, beside something good u have got, there is always lack or something u need to let go. in the state of writing, i am not able to work as Graduate assistant anymore. i have to resign as i am no longer attached in campus. so there is no monthly income and i have to rely on my hubby and only hubby. 
never mind though. alhamdulillah he recently got a job and that is ok enough. its a new fresh start in building a new life. 
difficulties are normal in newly wed couples. and i am happy to face it and experience it with him. and alhamdulillah my family in law is nice and kind enough to let us stay with them. 
based on my mama in law, managing my little sisters in law and handling home works such as cooking, washing clothes and cleaning are like a 'workshop' for me before having a real life soon, isolated and separated from my own family. i take it as a bonus. :) 
syukran ya Allah for the bless. alhamdulillah.

September 21, 2012

Congratulation Hubby!

First of all, congrates sayang!
After all the hardships, dapat juga segulung ijazah!
Semoga kejayaan ini menjadi kenangan bermakna dan dapat dijadikan contoh kepada adik2 kita utk terus maju dalam akademik. InsyaAllah..

yow guess what? kena terjah kaw..tetibe melompat dorang ni depan aku.. dorang tnya soalan2 basic antaranya kenapa choose usm, n what usm provide as an apex U, n how lucky we are in apex U.. so jawab je la apa yg patut.. :)

September 1, 2012

New life, new challenge :)


Here are some photos describing what have been happening back then. :)

Alhamdulillah aku telah selamat diijabkabulkan dan selamat menjadi isteri orang.

Mudah2an perjalanan hidup ini menyediakan laluan mudah dan sentiasa diwarnai pelangi walau sehebat mana dugaan dan cabaran di depan. 

26 tahun ke atas shj :) 


the owner of this blog will update her stories real soon ;)

May 23, 2012

Scientific Meeting 2012

view from hotel's ground floor. tak percaya? yes, ground. ground floor!
higher floor perhaps? no. no. no. 
sebab ini hotel atas bukit! :) 

i participated this conference quite recently, held in Equitorial Hotel, Penang. under Pharm school awesome.
i took poster mode which was actually, got selected to present on poster, after the committee-of-the-event's meeting.

masa fill up online registration form tu we could actually choose which mode u want, poster, oral, or either.
yes they even have 'either' choice button! but the mode result was all in their hands, depend on how interesting and reliable your research are. tak semestinya u choose poster u'll get poster. kalau research bagus n memerlukan detail presentation, u would be given oral so that u could explain it out loud depan judges and others.

so dengan yakinnya aku tick 'either' kononnya nk take challenge n play risk kalau dapat oral pon okay, poster pon okay. kalau dapat oral, bagus banget sebab tak pernah lagik experience oral. padahal nak tekincing jugak imagine kalau betul dapat oral? sudahle this field of study sangat baru bagi aku. karang evaluator n judges hantam aku, tak pasal pasal nanges mase present.

but alhamdulillah, god heard my pray. hehe.

first day conference. okay admitted. baju kurung dan skema. wohwohwoh. semangat kau nk amik gambo.

in the ballroom listening to other participant's presentation. sejujurnya aku sangat minat the way of how this research is presented. kalau tak tengok sapa presenter, tentu tentu korang akan agak he's a student from  US. 

ngupa ngupanya student UIA, middle east yaw! oh my, among all presenter, he's the one i see having the criteria to win the best oral presentation. and guess what? yes, indeed. he got 2nd place. and i'm happy for my calculation hakhakhak. 

lunchh timee! okay, fyi, poster presenter should have lunch earlier, before oral presenters finish their session.  so sebab tu lah there were nobody behind. the dining hall was not yet filled by crowd and other participants. 
to ensure that while oral presenters have theirs, we stand by our posters ready to be hantam by the judges and viewers. haha.

 saya diet! 

ye memang saya diet. hahaha.

night session ada Gala Dinner. okay here in this photo are my supervisors, main SV (right), Prof. Mashhor, from BioSchool, and the wifey, my co-SV (middle), Prof Mariam, from PharmSchool. and that gorgeous lady i admire is the daughter. 

 ini adalah ruangan untuk poster presentation. jom intai my poster nak? 

hoyeah. rasanya usm's poster paling besar kot. the maximum size. masa hang poster ni exceed border sendiri kot. wahahhah. nasib baik jiran tak kisah. 

2nd day conference. i'm glad for successfully participated this conference. even didn't get any of dream award, syukur sebab yg penting experience masa present depan judge tu. experience yg boleh diguna pakai untuk persediaan pembentangan keseluruhan kajian nanti. 

regretfully, there was one question i couldn't answer it well. sebab it never across my mind the judge would ask that kinda question. and aku terlepas pandang. yg aku tahu, explain je apa yg ada pada poster. 

so guys yg akan join this kinda conference or seminar or symposium or yg sewaktu dengannya, dengarlah nasihat ini. 
the important is, u should know beyond that. why and why and why. why do u do the research, why do u choose the project, why do u choose the method of research, why is the result like this, why the result is not like that, why the outcome should be like this and not like that, why the research is important, how it gonna contribute to our country and some what some what. 

its okay if u couldn't answer that time, because u only get the marking deduction. but believe me, its good for final presentation of your study because u would next time be aware and u would never miss that part where u have made the same mistakes before. 
 these mistakes are so much useful for viva. jangan kena hantam untuk kali kedua! 

okaylah setakat ni untuk kali ni. please drop a useful comment okay! 
thank u guys for reading.

May 13, 2012

Freaky head, chillax!

please layan my silent rebel. i just wanna seek a bit strength to continue my tests (which is up until now, for after 5 to 6 months of waiting the chemical for NO test i mentioned here, the test was apparently put on hold because of things unexpectedly happened).

i am now immersed in a world of given up but fortunately still could hold myself straight up for reasons that the coming antioxidant test (three tests actually!) might bring out some good and high impact of papers. might.
hopefully the publishing process will be smooth and steady like me and clear like bald men. sorry for the unrelated terms. 

yeah i have been over-attached in Pharm School (as based on my research schedule) and i'm thinking of i'm just running out of time. i just think of there's plenty of tasks i have to settled with (esp my future life part). 

but reversely thinking, i should be grateful as they concern about my quality of study in having and producing the best output of my research. 

so likely, i have placed myself in the best situation where i can manage my future and current tasks roll in a good row. hopefully insyaAllah. 

Alhamdulillah. thanks kawan kawan sudi baca. ringan sikit beban ini. :)

May 7, 2012

27: Why am doing this 30 days challenge

on top of all, to challenge of course, but apparently i couldn't make it as what it used to be, meaning, in sequence lah kan. day by day. tapi aku main hantam kromo je.
kadang tu sehari melampau lampau sampai 2 3 post. hahaha.
kadang tu berhari tak hapdet, alasan busy. ohoho aku memang begini. sila percaya alasan saya.
kadang tu aku selit2 topik lain yg tak de kaitan tapi interesting n yang pada aku sedap nak share.
takpele..yang penting setiap quest takda yang aku tinggal ye dak?

so yeah why not korang try this quest as well? maybe we can exchange our blog link and might perhaps know each other. lagi baguih.

:) okaylah ini saja utk kali ni. semoga kalian sihat n cheer up like happy ploppy lalala selalu okeh.

May 5, 2012

26: What do i think about my friends

personally aku klasifikasikan kawan aku dalam banyak kategori. terutama kategori yg 'kawan sejak kecik', 'baru beberapa tahun', 'baru beberapa bulan', n 'baru'.
setiap kategori ni ada yg baik sebaik2nya. tak semestinya kawan yg 'kawan sejak kecik' tu close n supportive, n tak semestinya jugak yg 'baru' tu tak boleh dipercayai dan tak boleh memahami.
i reckon that korang pun ade kategori2 mcm ni kan?

randomly picking, i have several friend (without mentioning who) that i am about to share with u guys how happy/hurt/wonder i am towards that particular person.

this 'recent' friend of about 1 year i know, sgt baik n cukup memahami, no hidden feeling like kalau kita achieve something priceless, mcm dapat duit or dapat pujian or bertuah, dia pun akan gembira dan malah lebih gembira daripada tuan punya badan.
this friend of mine aku sgt bersyukur.
mgkin tuhan anugerahkan ditemukan dgn kawan macam die sebagai ganti kepada this another particular friend yg selalu men'down'kan aku n pernah buat aku nangis.
sungguh kecewa sebab selama ni aku anggap dia one of believable friend tapi unbelievably die buat aku cenggini.
mungkin aku ada terbuat salah yg tak disengajakan atau tak kena dihatinya.
mungkin jugak pe'el dia memang begitu, suka men'down'kan orang di depan orang n suka cakap belakang. kelakarnya, dia mengkantoikan dirinya di depan my another bestie yang of course deliver pada aku sejurus selepas tu.
walau bagaimanapun, aku da maafkan dia tapi luka di hati masih belum sembuh ecehhh ayat.... ok aku serius.

another friend of mine yang berkawan dari kecik, frankly speaking some time we are close like so close sampai bende sulit dan persendirian pun nak cerita hak hak hak.
but sometime there's a gap between us like macam dingin tapi sebenarnya tidak, ada masa jugak tiba-tiba gado, n tak tegur berbulan-bulan. tapi ok balik macam adik-beradik.
itu macam kawan aa, chek yakin sampai mati bole kawan oo, sebab konsep relationship tu macam adik beradik jugaa, tara pernah putus. putus sikit sikit tada haii punyaaa (mamak penang version please)

untuk kawan yang buat aku wonder pulak, aku tertanya-tanya, ada ke kawan aku yang buat aku wonder? wonder towards what?
kalau ada, mungkin itulah kawan yang buat aku wonder siapa dia, n aku wonder siapa.

good friend suppose to back up a friend and knows well his/her/it's weakness and try not to offend, but offers solution. 
-Nazifah Jainar, 2012-

thank u for reading! :)

May 1, 2012

25: What u would find in my bag

nasib la aku ni bukan jenis heavy make-up chick. 
dlm bag just ada garnier compact powder for simple touch supaya x nampak pale, 

seyseyseycond sasasasamsung hand phone yg sgt awesome yeah. 

carlo rino purse exchange dgn mak. walaupun da berdaki tatap aku sayang woa woa woa sebab kapasiti besar sebolehnya nak masuk segala kads, resits dan syilings 

bebah car key attached with other important keys yg memang important like kalau tertinggal makanya mati kutu la aku tercongok nganga depan lab dan depan bilik

dan juge penting haruslah di bawa tapi kadang terlupa, cheap shade beli di Bukit Jambul, Penang n kaca mata rabun tak sampai 200 power. meskipun power low, sgt membantu aku mengelakkan sakit kepala tengok double lines

ehe. terima kasih kerana menyinggah  :)

April 30, 2012

model wannabe


saya sayang mak abah!

April 29, 2012

24: A letter to my parents

Mak, Abah, kite sayang Mak Abah.. maaf atas segala kekhilafan diri dari mula mata celik hingga ke hari ini..
Kite banyak belajar dari kesilapan, dan percayalah, kite akan jadi anak yang baik, solehah dan berguna dalam mendidik adik-adik, dan keluarga baru nanti..

Mak pernah meluahkan sedih nanti kite akan pergi jauh selepas kahwin nanti insyaAllah. Harapan kite, moga Mak Abah dapat doakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan kite menempuh alam baru yang jauh dari Mak Abah nanti, terpisah oleh laut China Selatan, kata kite pulak, jangan risau,  kemudahan AirAsia dan Mas akan temukan kite dengan Mak Abah.. hehehe.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Percayalah, kite takkan larat menanggung beban rindu hati semasa kite di rumah baru InsyaAllah. Kite akan senantiasa turun Shah Alam menepek di bawah tiak Mak. Percaya kan? sebab kite selalu buat cam tu. :)

Kite taknak jadi macam si tanggang, oleh itu, berkat tunjuk ajar dan amalan dari kecil yang Mak Abah ajar, solat, puasa, mengaji akan kite amalkan insyaAllah. Dan berkat doa tak putus dari Mak Abah mudah mudahan kite tak lupa asal usul, dan sesungguhnya kite takkan dapat lupakan asal usul kite. Mak Abah sangat besar pengaruhnya dalam hidup kite. Kite takkan boleh hidup aman tanpa keredhaan Mak Abah juga.

Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda:

Keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibubapa manakala kemurkaan Allah terletak pada kemurkaan ibubapa.

Terima kasih kawan-kawan kerana sudi baca surat utk Mak Abah aku. Aminkan doaku ni skali yea :)

April 27, 2012

23: Something i crave a lot

yang ni pelik sikit. aku bukan crave for food of any particular dress or any outfits. tapi aku crave for a long journey towards going someplace.
selalunya, kalau bab cari makan. tak kisah breakfast, lunch or dinner. tak main dekat-dekat beb, nak yang jauh nun hujung dunia.
even yang dekat tu aku tau available and much more sedap hingga menjilat jari kelingking.

just to make sure that its worth travel 'konon', tempat makan tu mestilah sure sedap jugak. like akan terliur dan kempunan kalau tak makan sana. if not, membazir tenaga je la pergi kan. in that condition, aku consider whether to go or not.

sometime i'd like to play risk by just go and have what kind of food they serve best. in that condition pulak, aku serah pd mr. fiance untuk pilih which dish seems good to cekik for. biasanya pilihan dia mmg terbaik! even makanan dia pun aku habiskan.

but for me, kepuasan travel 'konon' in the car searching for tempat makan tu yg memuaskan. lol. peliks peliks.
ye peliks, tapi benar.

thank you dearies for reading this. :)

April 25, 2012

Instagram n Lomo Camera

i found this one awesome application i couldn't put myself apart from it. even Nikon aku pn terabai sejenak.
guys, if any of u use android no matter la samsung, iphone, htc ke kan, n looking for some nice, smart, stylo mylo photos, aku recommend kome donlod aplikasi ni. its called lomo camera. da ade belom? 
jgn kate aku soo 10 years ago. app ni baru jugak kuar hokey. like 2 months ago. :)

ok, app ni, its not so beza dgn instagram yg korang tgh dok into sgt sekarang ni. instagram da smart, tp lomo camera ni lg smart n another thing, lebih byk pilihan pattern n adjustment photo seperti yg kita nak. tak caye, cer donlod sekarang. :) sure puas hati. 

actually aku pn ada instagram. follow ok! Naz shahniefa.
after few captures, aku tengok instagram pixs hanya offer frame n photo editor yg xlebih hanya touch on photo surface je. penggunaan n mainan color xbanyak mcm lomo camera. ahak. sonang cito. lomo lg besh! sebab ada 6 pilihan photo: lomo, rusty, polaroid, paper, dreams n film. wiehii!
nah, ni photo2 yg aku da amik dgn-syok-sendirinya. 

ni aku pakai film. 

awan nano. ni style paling aku suke n style ni aku galakkan utk dapatkan photo cantik otomatik n xpayah lagi kau susah2 mengedit bagai. ini format dreams. 

ni pn dreams. sorry gambaq blurr sebab mse ni dlm bas cap gegar. 

time ni bas cap gegar jadi baik. 

okay yg ni nice kan? ni aku pakai paper. 

haruslah gambar sendiri.
yg penting pix aku ade dlm ni! 

dreams my favorite.

dreams al kaluto mimpipun sedapo.

yg ni saje utk tatapan ala2 desert after meal.

ok dis one aku pakai format polaroid.

photo beg ni same as above. cume format aku pakai lomo. agak vintage sket kan. 

lagi cantik pix tu kalau capture di tempat2 terang, means ada byk bright color, sbb akan nampak mixing color bercampur cantik. mcm pix awan nano nano td. 

serius aku sgt teruja n puas hati pakai app ni. n akan terus dgn app ni selagi xmembawa kesesakan trafik henpon. donlod senang je. penggunaan pn kacang. 
if nk donlod, g bukak play store n taip lomo camera. nasib bek free. kalau kene bayo, aku xde lah nk promote cenggini kan. 

app ni space pn xbyk. 9.83MB je. jgn risau, henpon xkan jem sbb mende xsampai 10MB ni. kalu jem pun, mungkin game ko byk sgt. amik game heavy n merepek bakpo? kasi reduce sikit.
then after install, bole terus pakai, proses capture dlm 2-3 saat, then siap lah photo gorgeous. :)

kalau camera pixel korang tinggi lg bagus coz image jadik sharp. mcm henpon aku 5mp je kira ok la ye dok? 

eh sonotnya. xpayah amik photogpaher class. 
ok babai. 
masheh no bace entri ni! 
assalamualaikum :)


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