July 30, 2011

been a while

its been a while and i just have no idea since my last post. just a slip before Ramadhan, hoping that my research progress well. really well. coz im going to move to the next stage which is freeze drying process. my extracted sample will be submitted to undergo freeze dry so that i can get the weight in powder. 
sorry if i make u guys blur maybe u don't understand what kind of chat we have right now because i haven't given it in detail but don't fret u will soon (coz right now im struggling maself to understand n finish it too).

alright then, Happy Ramadhan for my Muslim friends. lets us seek for reward from Allah s.w.t by doubling our amalan n hope all our sins will be forgiven. insyaAllah. :)
Happy fasting all!

July 24, 2011

i got shot at the back

i once heard about telling dreams to others is not good. im not sure of that. probably true. or is it just a rumors or folks-telling for youth good? 

i hope it will not bother me because what i'm about to tell is a dream i had recently. i always have this kind of dream where i got shot at the back. i was dead in the dream but yet i still can breath and i could hear voices around me (surrounding in the dream). this odd dream happens once every 4-5 years. last time i had it when i was 16 or 17. back then, it was evening, i came back home from school n fell asleep soon after lied my head down on my pillow. i dreamt the same. i woke up at 11pm, grab my towel n straight to bathroom. to be curious, my inner shirt got some red liquid (not blood). it was like, watercolor spreaded on my back shirt (in line with the dream, ain't?), but the outer one, my school uniform was clean. real enigma. i didn't tell anybody bout that including my mom. i just took off my uniform n inner shirt n had myself clean. i just couldn't find why n how it happened to me. 

when it happened again, i googled the meaning. some of the dream teller mention that i would be ill. while some says to be careful as might be, there's some difficulties coming my way. 
oh yeah this dream real bother me. maybe for few days, hope so. 

July 14, 2011

there must be reasons

i am quite tired of changing topics on my research scope. actually, its not a change. its regarding to, perhaps, a bit confusion. since the last meeting with my SV, i was so confident that i was given a research entitled an antioxidant capacity in my three plant samples. and the other thing, this experiment would really gives a loooottt of data and analysis to be collected and compiled. the question is, all these data will be put in my thesis? or just publish some papers? 
the thesis is a compilation of my works. in the form of thick book like u ever see in most libraries. 
while paper is only a few sheets of research project result to be published and reviewed internationally. 

i once thought that my SV has assigned me that this result of antioxidant will be presented in my thesis. i am 100% sure Prof told me that. he stressed the thesis. and since then i managed to search as much info to be emphasized on. happy that i could concentrate on one thing at one time. plus, there would be much data results (probably redundant) and this fulfill the requirement for graduation. (as what were told by seniors). 

i was so in mood to start my work, the spirits come so sudden, from a little conversations from experts and seniors whom i see, they are so steady yet commitment, relax yet hardworking they stayed up in the lab until morning, i become energized. i am in great motion. the performance getting higher. reputation graph shows a stable lag phase. until i met my SV again.
clarifying my objectives. there are all four objectives. ironically, the first and second objectives are about the study of the distribution and population of these three samples (fieldwork part). antioxidant comes third. i was like, haaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. i mean, i thought i could get rid the other works that obviously consume time and focus on labworks until thesis writing. this antioxidant thing would have hundred of pages. 
and that is what got me confused, Prof told me that the antioxidant experiment will be put in order to support and comprehend those data on my thesis. i was informed that the priority of my research is still on plant ecology and population distribution especially after tsunami impact in Penang. plus, insert together with seedbank and complete life cycle of all three species'. 
in my mind, ---

July 11, 2011

My Decent Style: Naz self-inspired

entri ini ditujukan khas buat my bestie Isnainy Irwany. thanks for keep updating my profile. as for appreciation, naaahhhhh. xoxo!
hopefully this tuto would be followed with intention of wearing hijab with little modifications respect to fashion, but acceptable. okay basically, u need a shawl. any shawl that can be shaped easily, not too rough, smooth n thin material. recommended shawls: jojet, simple pashmina n satin. im wearing rainbow jojet shawl as in the pix u see above.




all of these shawls are perfect for this style.
now, lets start.

i am using a dark brown simple pashmina. very light. comfy n easy.
letak shawl d atas kepala, make sure sebelah kanan pendek, n the other side panjang. yg pendek tu, pastikan panjang sehingga paras rusuk bawah je k. then secure kan dgn jarum peniti.

secure juga d sebelah sini dgn jarum peniti.

then, amik part kiri yg panjang ni, tarik ke kanan, melalui bawah part yg pendek tu. make sure ketat bahagian bawah dagu, utk cover leher.

okay, hold it n tarik ke atas kepala terus k. like the pix above.

n then secure kan dgn jarum peniti.

your look will become like this. part yg panjang siap. utk part yg pendek pulak. 
amik part pendek ni n pegang hujung bucu shawl tu.

tarik ke belakang kepala, n secure kan. make sure bahagian tepi ni kemas coz this is the important giving that nicey tomey-ish look.

 like this. okay so far?

da siap.


another shawl u can style it with satin material.

yeah, just the same method as previous. sure u can make it well n better than me!

July 9, 2011

Dear Bumblebee

most touching part was when Bumblebee almost got shot in the head.
i cried. only dropped a tear. 

those who haven't watch the movie, u should jump n hop on ur bed. go! 

July 6, 2011

Evaluate yourself kay! :)


who inspires me in blogging?

i found these two peeps here have given me strength so strong i could update my blog almost every second!
and, no wonder my page quite a bit look like them. the content especially.
i love the way they plot the stories, how they manage to face certain kind of situation which sometimes funny to read about! 
i like the way they express new ideas or invent something valuable and share it right away!
and the important is, i learn english as well. 

you can check them out :
My S'crap'book of Life in my Blog of Interest Lists
Maria Elena in My Favorites Lists
i am no way to make them noticing me posting this. ehe shy maaa. but if they mentioned this accidentally, all i wanna tell them is, i adore u two!

July 5, 2011

What the Broga Hill !

hello world!
like i said last friday. its depends on what i've seen during my way, but naa, nothing except a traffic jam caused by accident i don't know what with what. ehe. 
yeah, back to the story.
i went to Broga Hill yaw! arrived at 10pm n burden by a job called cooking. we prepared spagheti to be brought to Broga Hill next morning. how morning it was? a very morning, around 4am. 
we had planned of viewing sunrise actually. plus, fetching up another friend of friend. facing with lost probability. made us wake up at 3 and get prepared!

come to the photos! 

see see. the environment of 6.30 am. parking lot is huge mann. huge. like, its a palm oil estate of course la its huge kan. cars parked at the bottom hill. and ride by footstep towards the top hill. this really pump my heart. good what? 

i see something in your nose dear
u said that u wanna spend me an ice cream, right?

the view from the top. not that top. the second top. hill behind us, its the third top.

there's another sis of mine. she couldn't make it. ahaha. just waiting in the car. what the Dila! i hold her arms, she faced other side. oh poor my lil Dato' Fiance. 

 hye hero. u should know this, i would never reach the peak without you tau! thanks for taking the weight for me. pulled me up. u have such a strong will! 

another view from 2nd top hill. this friend i ever meet after six years yaw. really miss u babe. but we hadn't much time to hang out with. im sure next time k!

yeahhh.. bonus pix. my little Kuning. he was having a flu right now. seem so weak n slow moving like slow-loris. but still maintain macho.

July 1, 2011

just a little miss drop

im going to my hometown, Shah Alam, Selangor.
mak abah, wait for me ya! pray me safe until in front of the door. 
n say this, "Assalamua'laikum... Alhamdulillah..."

i'll be posting an entry right after i arrived home. what topic? it depends on what i've seen n what i've done in between the times. 

here's the pix of one-click-blog-short-leave-random-photo

this is my Research supervisor. Prof Mashhor Mansor. aged but tough. likes outdoor. meeting people all around the world. yes he is one the best wetland ecology experts. 
he was directing us as d road surface is uneven. we were at this time, heading to the Orang Asli settlement in Tasik Banding, Gerik, Perak to watch a Majlis Perasmian Pengakap Cilik. but stuck up lost. hahaha. 
well, that didn't matter. we faced it as new knowledge. no sighs. Thank You Prof. for the courage in that 2 hours of exploring out of from jungle. u are the inspiration of us. 


oh not to forget, Happy July peeps!
i was born this month! my Dato' Fiance too!


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