May 22, 2011

how to wear a hood-like style

this is d style i discovered maself, coincidence. while trying ma Hana Tajima style. hehe. its like a hood jacket style. 
sesuai di bawa utk ladies chill out, window shopping, leisure time. outdoor? pasar? hehe i dont think i would. depends on u. okay! i like dis style. hope u too. enjoy!

yeah. using the same shawl. 
put it on ur head. make sure the length is d equal for both sides. 
1. prepare ur shawl.

2. bawa kedua-dua bahagian shawl ini ke belakang.

3. ambil bahagian kiri shawl n bawa ke bahagian depan kanan.

4. manakala bahagian kanan, bawa ke depan kiri. mcm ni. ok? got it so far? 

5. dis is d important part. tarik sedikit bahagian shawl tepi telinga supaya menjadi sedikit longgar dan ber'ruang'. dis is d part where ur style could give a hood-like wearing. 

6. bring d left side shawl n secure it on ur above ear.

7. selebihnya, bawa ke atas kepala. 

8. mcm ini. ok.


 oh yeah! i discovered another simple one down here.

to make a different style n look, have this kind of headband. u can also have it in other design u may like. i recommend dark color. u would not choose d same color as it could give a pale look. seeloknya, pilih warna kontra.

simply put it on.

n d long part shawl, bring in on to cover the headband. n secure it. 

yeahh! done! mcm arab2 pn ade. ehe. anyway.
happy trying! :)

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