July 5, 2011

What the Broga Hill !

hello world!
like i said last friday. its depends on what i've seen during my way, but naa, nothing except a traffic jam caused by accident i don't know what with what. ehe. 
yeah, back to the story.
i went to Broga Hill yaw! arrived at 10pm n burden by a job called cooking. we prepared spagheti to be brought to Broga Hill next morning. how morning it was? a very morning, around 4am. 
we had planned of viewing sunrise actually. plus, fetching up another friend of friend. facing with lost probability. made us wake up at 3 and get prepared!

come to the photos! 

see see. the environment of 6.30 am. parking lot is huge mann. huge. like, its a palm oil estate of course la its huge kan. cars parked at the bottom hill. and ride by footstep towards the top hill. this really pump my heart. good what? 

i see something in your nose dear
u said that u wanna spend me an ice cream, right?

the view from the top. not that top. the second top. hill behind us, its the third top.

there's another sis of mine. she couldn't make it. ahaha. just waiting in the car. what the Dila! i hold her arms, she faced other side. oh poor my lil Dato' Fiance. 

 hye hero. u should know this, i would never reach the peak without you tau! thanks for taking the weight for me. pulled me up. u have such a strong will! 

another view from 2nd top hill. this friend i ever meet after six years yaw. really miss u babe. but we hadn't much time to hang out with. im sure next time k!

yeahhh.. bonus pix. my little Kuning. he was having a flu right now. seem so weak n slow moving like slow-loris. but still maintain macho.

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