July 24, 2011

i got shot at the back

i once heard about telling dreams to others is not good. im not sure of that. probably true. or is it just a rumors or folks-telling for youth good? 

i hope it will not bother me because what i'm about to tell is a dream i had recently. i always have this kind of dream where i got shot at the back. i was dead in the dream but yet i still can breath and i could hear voices around me (surrounding in the dream). this odd dream happens once every 4-5 years. last time i had it when i was 16 or 17. back then, it was evening, i came back home from school n fell asleep soon after lied my head down on my pillow. i dreamt the same. i woke up at 11pm, grab my towel n straight to bathroom. to be curious, my inner shirt got some red liquid (not blood). it was like, watercolor spreaded on my back shirt (in line with the dream, ain't?), but the outer one, my school uniform was clean. real enigma. i didn't tell anybody bout that including my mom. i just took off my uniform n inner shirt n had myself clean. i just couldn't find why n how it happened to me. 

when it happened again, i googled the meaning. some of the dream teller mention that i would be ill. while some says to be careful as might be, there's some difficulties coming my way. 
oh yeah this dream real bother me. maybe for few days, hope so. 

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