July 14, 2011

there must be reasons

i am quite tired of changing topics on my research scope. actually, its not a change. its regarding to, perhaps, a bit confusion. since the last meeting with my SV, i was so confident that i was given a research entitled an antioxidant capacity in my three plant samples. and the other thing, this experiment would really gives a loooottt of data and analysis to be collected and compiled. the question is, all these data will be put in my thesis? or just publish some papers? 
the thesis is a compilation of my works. in the form of thick book like u ever see in most libraries. 
while paper is only a few sheets of research project result to be published and reviewed internationally. 

i once thought that my SV has assigned me that this result of antioxidant will be presented in my thesis. i am 100% sure Prof told me that. he stressed the thesis. and since then i managed to search as much info to be emphasized on. happy that i could concentrate on one thing at one time. plus, there would be much data results (probably redundant) and this fulfill the requirement for graduation. (as what were told by seniors). 

i was so in mood to start my work, the spirits come so sudden, from a little conversations from experts and seniors whom i see, they are so steady yet commitment, relax yet hardworking they stayed up in the lab until morning, i become energized. i am in great motion. the performance getting higher. reputation graph shows a stable lag phase. until i met my SV again.
clarifying my objectives. there are all four objectives. ironically, the first and second objectives are about the study of the distribution and population of these three samples (fieldwork part). antioxidant comes third. i was like, haaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. i mean, i thought i could get rid the other works that obviously consume time and focus on labworks until thesis writing. this antioxidant thing would have hundred of pages. 
and that is what got me confused, Prof told me that the antioxidant experiment will be put in order to support and comprehend those data on my thesis. i was informed that the priority of my research is still on plant ecology and population distribution especially after tsunami impact in Penang. plus, insert together with seedbank and complete life cycle of all three species'. 
in my mind, ---

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