July 1, 2011

just a little miss drop

im going to my hometown, Shah Alam, Selangor.
mak abah, wait for me ya! pray me safe until in front of the door. 
n say this, "Assalamua'laikum... Alhamdulillah..."

i'll be posting an entry right after i arrived home. what topic? it depends on what i've seen n what i've done in between the times. 

here's the pix of one-click-blog-short-leave-random-photo

this is my Research supervisor. Prof Mashhor Mansor. aged but tough. likes outdoor. meeting people all around the world. yes he is one the best wetland ecology experts. 
he was directing us as d road surface is uneven. we were at this time, heading to the Orang Asli settlement in Tasik Banding, Gerik, Perak to watch a Majlis Perasmian Pengakap Cilik. but stuck up lost. hahaha. 
well, that didn't matter. we faced it as new knowledge. no sighs. Thank You Prof. for the courage in that 2 hours of exploring out of from jungle. u are the inspiration of us. 


oh not to forget, Happy July peeps!
i was born this month! my Dato' Fiance too!

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