July 30, 2011

been a while

its been a while and i just have no idea since my last post. just a slip before Ramadhan, hoping that my research progress well. really well. coz im going to move to the next stage which is freeze drying process. my extracted sample will be submitted to undergo freeze dry so that i can get the weight in powder. 
sorry if i make u guys blur maybe u don't understand what kind of chat we have right now because i haven't given it in detail but don't fret u will soon (coz right now im struggling maself to understand n finish it too).

alright then, Happy Ramadhan for my Muslim friends. lets us seek for reward from Allah s.w.t by doubling our amalan n hope all our sins will be forgiven. insyaAllah. :)
Happy fasting all!


Dewataraya Anumerta said...

ini peringkat ke berapa dh utk tesis?

shahniefa said...

time ni baru nk freeze sample. sy wat pasal antioxidant of 3 plant species. ni pn baru nk achieve satu objektif thesis..


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