July 11, 2011

My Decent Style: Naz self-inspired

entri ini ditujukan khas buat my bestie Isnainy Irwany. thanks for keep updating my profile. as for appreciation, naaahhhhh. xoxo!
hopefully this tuto would be followed with intention of wearing hijab with little modifications respect to fashion, but acceptable. okay basically, u need a shawl. any shawl that can be shaped easily, not too rough, smooth n thin material. recommended shawls: jojet, simple pashmina n satin. im wearing rainbow jojet shawl as in the pix u see above.




all of these shawls are perfect for this style.
now, lets start.

i am using a dark brown simple pashmina. very light. comfy n easy.
letak shawl d atas kepala, make sure sebelah kanan pendek, n the other side panjang. yg pendek tu, pastikan panjang sehingga paras rusuk bawah je k. then secure kan dgn jarum peniti.

secure juga d sebelah sini dgn jarum peniti.

then, amik part kiri yg panjang ni, tarik ke kanan, melalui bawah part yg pendek tu. make sure ketat bahagian bawah dagu, utk cover leher.

okay, hold it n tarik ke atas kepala terus k. like the pix above.

n then secure kan dgn jarum peniti.

your look will become like this. part yg panjang siap. utk part yg pendek pulak. 
amik part pendek ni n pegang hujung bucu shawl tu.

tarik ke belakang kepala, n secure kan. make sure bahagian tepi ni kemas coz this is the important giving that nicey tomey-ish look.

 like this. okay so far?

da siap.


another shawl u can style it with satin material.

yeah, just the same method as previous. sure u can make it well n better than me!


Princess Nusy said...

amboi...pndai kak naz lilit2 tudung nyh..nnti tnjuk bnyk2 lg..hehe :)

shahniefa said...

hehe insyaAllah.. thanks for supporting!

nuha ahmad said...

awesome tutorial..
nanti nak copy jugak pakai cm tu...hehe

AdaNaz87 said...

lepas ni nak try lah. thanks for sharing. ((;

shahniefa said...

nuha ahmad n adanaz87, thanks a bunch! yes, lets give it a try! hehehe :)


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