January 22, 2012

7: A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on me

i would certainly triggered to perform the best in everything i do when i see these photos. 

Bethany Hamilton


imagine how its like if we were born with some of the features incomplete. or lost it in an incident. 
life must be quite tough ain't? we would feel discouraged and started to blame everything, keep questioning why did it happen to me, not any one else.

but as for Nick, he doesn't let the details stop him from enjoying this life. in fact, he tuned it and graduated by obtaining a double yaw! double bachelor's degree, majoring in Accounting and Financial Planning in Griffith University, Logan, Australia. who would believe this. he has traveled across world sharing his stories with millions of people. he has such a strong determination that there is a purpose in each of struggles we each encounter in our lifes. his believe in god, his family, friends and all sorts of people he has encountered in life are his encouragement. his stories compiled here and here.

that gives a big impact on me. 

as for Bethany, a well known surfer was attacked by 14-foot tiger shark while surfing off Kauai's North Shore. the attack left her with a severed left arm. unbelievably, she recovered so fast in just one month with a very positive attitude. her lose didn't stop her pursuing her goal to become a professional surfer. believe or not, she took 1st place in the National Championships just after a year she was attacked. u can know her more, here.

that gives a big impact on me. 

Hero, a guilty innocent cute cat. both front legs were heartlessly chopped off by someone when Hero took only a fish to eat. *cry*. what a cruel thing. whoever had done this to Hero, remember this, bad thing u had given, bad thing u will receive. 
back to Hero, he was rescued and nursed by a generous man. know more on his blog, here.
Hero's story had been told in several medias all around the country. he's currently copes very well with two back legs even at first, he encountered complications and experienced a poisonous effect. 

that gives a big impact on me.

so dear readers, when i read these stories, i feel energised to make a kick-start. i feel grateful as i were born healthy without disabilities. 
we should thankful enough as we were born perfect. there's no excuse or finding reasons of your failures. 
success is from failures. its not failure because of failures. 
sometimes i feel terrible facing a little test from Him. indeed, He knows what's best. i feel so embarrassed if i don't use what have, or in other words, what we borrowed from Him, effectively. 

so here's a short term goal that i want to accomplish:

amin ya rabbal a'lamin...

how about u?
what encourage u in life or what gives u impact in achieving success?
do share with me ya. :)

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