January 22, 2012

6: Favorite superhero and why?

of course my abah. he is so super than a superhero.
he sacrified anything in his life for the sake of me and other sibbies.
he taught us to be grateful for whatever we have. yeah we were living an average life. little goods and possessions. and he win our heart by not granting every wishes every kids do and we didn't mind at all.
we just live happily.
apart from that, he's been always there to help me and, he's like, knows what i feel even we're separated by a wall.
especially when i sad. he knocked my door and ask what's exactly the probs i face.
he's the best dad in the world, and i love him so much.
he's been my superhero, is my superhero, and will be my superhero forever.
my wish, semoga Allah memanjangkan usianya dan dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik berpanjangan.
amin ya rabbal a'lamin...

doakan utk nya sekali, ok?
:) thank u for reading!

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