January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

as if that title influence the new-year-ness in me *skeptic eyes* 

well, happy new year jgk lah even lewat satu hari, but nevermind though, it still early month kan. and i think its not too late to greet. even its february or march or first half months of the year, its accepted jugak ehehe. yela, time flew by mcm palesit tup tup da masuk thn baru. rasenye 2011 baru nk start enjin. many goals not achieved in 2011 and i should want or not, bring them forward to be reached in this year. 

hmm i need to relist and resort back the gowwlls or can be called as well as destinyyyyyy..... :)
ops, perhaps its more accurate as, destiniesssss........
yes, destinies.
i bet there's a lot more in 2012 to be achieved as compared to last year. pstt..i was a lil lazy back then. that's why achievement tak berapa memberangsangkan. KPI memang teruk lah. tapi kalau tengok dari sudut usaha, mungkin KPI tinggi. ahah. kaw ada KPI utk usaha? aku hade. 

oh! one more thing. thinking about age, trase aku da tua. mari menangis T_T
thn ni bertambah 1 angka dlm digit umur aku. kalaula turun 1 angka, msti seronok kan. muda je mcm benjamin button. makin tua, makin anjal. makin genius. makin gorgeous. 
eh, im not sure whether the movie is adapted from true story or not? 
whatever is, i'm glad n thank to Allah s.w.t kerana masih diberi peluang bernafas n masih diberi tenaga cukup utk kita berusaha mencapai matlamat-matlamat dalam hidup sebelum dipanggil balik, kan. 

till then peeps. lets list whatever wishes need to be listed and make sure we are all work and go for each of the goal which is so called destinies. 
with the name of Allah, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 
Salam Tahun Baru. 

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