January 9, 2012

gi mana sih adoy..

how to make yourself like or love to one particular subject of your study? i am really blurr of what im going to do even guide my muscle where to put on first. 
i am now should be focused on writing dah. no more obtaining data. supposed da start for literature or discussion. discussion? ohh that part supposed to be last. jauh lagi kot kalau nk start buat skrg nih. ha thats why la im down. still lost focus. 

actually this part je yg memengongkan kepala otak ni. objective ada 2. one, on ecology part. and two, on antioxidant part. 
that part of ecology yg membantutkan writing. antioxidant so far ok sangat dah. 
but when it comes to ecology, penyakit malas mula menjalar, mencengkam dan menutup pintu hati arrrghhhh!
i've tried hard to get rid this feeling. ok. like, push myself jugak cari info-info and jurnal-jurnal yg berkaitan. then when i've finished download them, i get myself freshen up dulu lah sebelum start baca balik notes tu. bagi semangat sikit la kononnya.

i took a cup of drink, g toilet, solat, got fresh back. i sit back and guess? 
ya Allah. malas nye nk baca mende kejadah panjang2 ni addoyyy! like, this part sgt leceh, like hating it! haa sampai cam tu sekali nok. macam jumpa hantu.
lagipun, i have no fundamental at all in ecology. lain kes la antioxidant ni, even pharmaceutical subject, at least i have the soft skills. some more, there're assistants in pharmacy school who guide me. so no problemo lah. 

hadus. gimana ni pak..buk..

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