January 15, 2012

2: The meaning behind my Blog name

well, i actually have used this name for almost 8 years since form 5 lagi. 
Shahniefa, is a word that i used in logging my account, online banking, fb, e-mail, twitter and sort of that requires username including Blogging. 
the combination of nazifah/iefa brings up to Niefa. yeah correct.
as for Shah, mesti some of u reckon the word came from my fiance, right? 
yeah! correct! your thoughts are just like the others who guess the same. hahaha.

but in reality, it doesn't. 

yeah seriously. 
how come my fiance's name Mohammad Khairol Joharie went to be Shah? 
doesn't make any sense? does it? 
so here's the truth.
Shahniefa is the combination of the city where i live, Shah Alam. bet u wouldn't believe it, would u? 
hehe yup its true. so i took Shah to be combined with Niefa, which describes two names, 
my bestie's name since sekolah menengah, and me. 

the name selection was made so sudden when one day i need to fill up a form with the email requirement. 
so that's it. 

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