May 13, 2012

Freaky head, chillax!

please layan my silent rebel. i just wanna seek a bit strength to continue my tests (which is up until now, for after 5 to 6 months of waiting the chemical for NO test i mentioned here, the test was apparently put on hold because of things unexpectedly happened).

i am now immersed in a world of given up but fortunately still could hold myself straight up for reasons that the coming antioxidant test (three tests actually!) might bring out some good and high impact of papers. might.
hopefully the publishing process will be smooth and steady like me and clear like bald men. sorry for the unrelated terms. 

yeah i have been over-attached in Pharm School (as based on my research schedule) and i'm thinking of i'm just running out of time. i just think of there's plenty of tasks i have to settled with (esp my future life part). 

but reversely thinking, i should be grateful as they concern about my quality of study in having and producing the best output of my research. 

so likely, i have placed myself in the best situation where i can manage my future and current tasks roll in a good row. hopefully insyaAllah. 

Alhamdulillah. thanks kawan kawan sudi baca. ringan sikit beban ini. :)

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