May 23, 2012

Scientific Meeting 2012

view from hotel's ground floor. tak percaya? yes, ground. ground floor!
higher floor perhaps? no. no. no. 
sebab ini hotel atas bukit! :) 

i participated this conference quite recently, held in Equitorial Hotel, Penang. under Pharm school awesome.
i took poster mode which was actually, got selected to present on poster, after the committee-of-the-event's meeting.

masa fill up online registration form tu we could actually choose which mode u want, poster, oral, or either.
yes they even have 'either' choice button! but the mode result was all in their hands, depend on how interesting and reliable your research are. tak semestinya u choose poster u'll get poster. kalau research bagus n memerlukan detail presentation, u would be given oral so that u could explain it out loud depan judges and others.

so dengan yakinnya aku tick 'either' kononnya nk take challenge n play risk kalau dapat oral pon okay, poster pon okay. kalau dapat oral, bagus banget sebab tak pernah lagik experience oral. padahal nak tekincing jugak imagine kalau betul dapat oral? sudahle this field of study sangat baru bagi aku. karang evaluator n judges hantam aku, tak pasal pasal nanges mase present.

but alhamdulillah, god heard my pray. hehe.

first day conference. okay admitted. baju kurung dan skema. wohwohwoh. semangat kau nk amik gambo.

in the ballroom listening to other participant's presentation. sejujurnya aku sangat minat the way of how this research is presented. kalau tak tengok sapa presenter, tentu tentu korang akan agak he's a student from  US. 

ngupa ngupanya student UIA, middle east yaw! oh my, among all presenter, he's the one i see having the criteria to win the best oral presentation. and guess what? yes, indeed. he got 2nd place. and i'm happy for my calculation hakhakhak. 

lunchh timee! okay, fyi, poster presenter should have lunch earlier, before oral presenters finish their session.  so sebab tu lah there were nobody behind. the dining hall was not yet filled by crowd and other participants. 
to ensure that while oral presenters have theirs, we stand by our posters ready to be hantam by the judges and viewers. haha.

 saya diet! 

ye memang saya diet. hahaha.

night session ada Gala Dinner. okay here in this photo are my supervisors, main SV (right), Prof. Mashhor, from BioSchool, and the wifey, my co-SV (middle), Prof Mariam, from PharmSchool. and that gorgeous lady i admire is the daughter. 

 ini adalah ruangan untuk poster presentation. jom intai my poster nak? 

hoyeah. rasanya usm's poster paling besar kot. the maximum size. masa hang poster ni exceed border sendiri kot. wahahhah. nasib baik jiran tak kisah. 

2nd day conference. i'm glad for successfully participated this conference. even didn't get any of dream award, syukur sebab yg penting experience masa present depan judge tu. experience yg boleh diguna pakai untuk persediaan pembentangan keseluruhan kajian nanti. 

regretfully, there was one question i couldn't answer it well. sebab it never across my mind the judge would ask that kinda question. and aku terlepas pandang. yg aku tahu, explain je apa yg ada pada poster. 

so guys yg akan join this kinda conference or seminar or symposium or yg sewaktu dengannya, dengarlah nasihat ini. 
the important is, u should know beyond that. why and why and why. why do u do the research, why do u choose the project, why do u choose the method of research, why is the result like this, why the result is not like that, why the outcome should be like this and not like that, why the research is important, how it gonna contribute to our country and some what some what. 

its okay if u couldn't answer that time, because u only get the marking deduction. but believe me, its good for final presentation of your study because u would next time be aware and u would never miss that part where u have made the same mistakes before. 
 these mistakes are so much useful for viva. jangan kena hantam untuk kali kedua! 

okaylah setakat ni untuk kali ni. please drop a useful comment okay! 
thank u guys for reading.

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Myra Amira said...

Hy..., Thanks sbb sudi join pre loved item.. maaf sebb lewat umumkan nama-nama bertuah... Btw, TAHNIAH sebab anda salah seorang yang bertuah... untuk tebus hadiah, email kan nama penuh, alamat and nombor hp kat email ni : ... tq sekali lagi :)

love: diari comel saya :)


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