June 16, 2011

All in 1. Memory of Celebrating in d Gathering

my visit to my becoming home, Sandakan
such a pleasure, full of happiness. treated with kindness. new relatives-to-be seem to accept me warmly.  
nerve accumulated n ready to burst out by the time front yard got crowd. my smile never leak. hands ready to shake. "Naz, when u shake hands,  its a must for Sungai community, to get ur head down and kiss d hands, as for salutation". Ayah reminded me. yeah thats d culture of Sungai community. i think its d same as well in semenanjung, especially keturunan org Jawa like me. 
hahaha. yes, nervous made me kiss my own hand! hahaha. can u imagine it was really happened unconsciously. what the me!

anyways, here's the pix im about to share..

beauty isn't she? heheh. ma future mother in law. i am honestly, sometime feel dat im older than her. or better sound, she's my sister. woahaaha..

Celebrating mama's birthday, 10th June. yeay! 3 tingkat cake! but, guess what? ehe.. i was kinda frightened staring my name written on d cake by d time we picked it from d cake shop! 
Nazifah, 25th. n Joharie 25th. 
we have celebrated for our coming birthday in July. thank you so much mama ayah for adaaa je surprise!
i was really surprised. 

family from sort angles. this only some. i believe more i haven't yet to meet. 

aha. yes! karaoke time! me n Dato' Fiance, singing one of favorites, Jangan ada dusta by Broery n Dewi Yull. i was hoping there would be no rain. again. ahaha.
hoyeaah, future ayah in law. he's been struggling for this ceremony. d night was bit tough due to heavy rain! but it doesn't seem a trouble. d majlis finished well like kacang jerr.. n we enjoyed so much.
n yeah, i keep reminding myself of 'shaking hands' thing. ehe.

i am personally think dat the yard is big enough to have as much as 15 tables. with 150 guests. 

Dear miss Hurun Akita with Dear Sis to be. :)
alaa.. d cake chopped u can't see my name on it. ehe. never mind though. i really appreciate what i've been through from d second i stepped d house. glad having to know my family to be. even be part of em. insyaAllah.

okay for now. till then! 

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