June 27, 2011

im beaten by the situation

what would u do if somebody ask u for the stuff that u used without the owner's apprisal, but then u have the recognition by ur mentor, a very genius n well experienced, but also the one seem to neglect the job ethic systems? 
break others right by simply took other's belongings without noticing the owner.

by the time u asked whether it is okay not informing the owner?
then the answer u get, "its okay, just keep it silence".
and u stiffed. wordless.

u had to keep it shut because of u need knowledge from ur mentor. when there is so much deeds given to u and u just think of its better to obey coz ur mentor should know what is right and what is wrong. but?
plus, u are hanya menumpang di tempat orang. u don't have power. 
thing is, u realized that was wrong. 

what would u do? what would u do???
when the somebody tell u that the owner rampaged figuring out that the stuff had gone. stolen. 
forget to mention, the owner is a foreign citizen.
what perspective of Malaysians the owner would describe?
u think it.
such a big rock lapped over me. can't breath right. 

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