June 24, 2011

i farted n no one knows! haha

i was presented like, owh my. Alhamdulillah...

can u imagine by d time u take seat, waiting for ur turn to present. ketaq lutut, n sometime u had like stomach content boiled or, d muscle wrenched so sudden, n back to normal. so awkward it occured continuosly n farted like many times!

after striving for bout 1 week, preparing slides shined with walla! animations! 
(credit to my Pharmacy labmate for helping me out! owe u much),
d Colloqium end up well n i exhaled with a smile. dlm hati ni gembira, Hooorayy! but i showed humble like innocent AF candidate waiting to be judged by panels. haha. 
so as me, waiting to be asked. 
actually, this isn't my first time. i have had d presentation experience before during my degree, but the thing so made me in nervous was, im in fear, if there would be questions that i couldn't answer. 
n guess what? that heck was really happened! 

the first n second question were asked by same lecturer, Prof. Chan. my friend's supervisor. 
it was ok with the first. but coming to second, i was like blurrr.......... n i answered with a question: 
"i don't get ur question",
making Prof repeated the question in different way. still didn't get until another lecturer, Dr. Nik verify it. n i looked at my supervisor, Prof Mashhor. he smiled at me, he seemed ok with it.

that was the only part made me down. when it got to lunch time, Dr. Nik meet me n explained d situation. 
actually, Prof Chan n me misunderstood each other with this one term, a 'sample' term. 
in my understandings, one sample means d whole plant in 6kgs, but for Prof Chan's, it means only one plant.
Dr. Nik told me my presentation was good, n d experiment method was all right, don't worry. 
i was happy to see Prof Mashhor proud. n i got a thumbs up for my presentation. 
but yet deep inside i feel ashamed a bit for couldn't answering a simple one (after figuring it out a simple).
pity Prof Mashhor. he invited many visiting lecturers from every continent to see me presenting n introduced me. (they are joining a mangrove project between 18 universities, but im not joining due to heavy experiment runnings). if u were in my shoe, u could feel how it was.

when i muhasabah, i should not think it too much. i should stop thinking that awkward situation from controlling my mind. oh yeah, its bad. im a heavy thinker. keep recalling n visualizing the situations happened to me especially disappointings, until i sleep, until it flown away by times.
yeah i shoudln't kan?
i though, thank Prof Chan for the suggestions. she wasn't scolding at me. she was just giving a guideline so that student aware n that could help d student from failing. in fact, we just clashed by the term. i at least have precautions for final presentation before graduating. the lesson is, if u don't understand the question, verify it. like, "do u mean a 'sample', a whole plant? or only one plant?"
like that. settle it right away. so that u aren't look like dummy in front. ahaha.
wokayy! im good. im good.

i also thank my bestie Sha for keeping my spirit up until d end.
n d most important my Dato' Fiance as well, for always listening n smile to my whateva grumpy thenggg. n for d encourage, i love u for always be my buffer for my temper. always support even i am wrong in certain condition. ehe. i just can't manage myself well without u.

love u sayang...
KK Park mmg best!

p/s: well done n syabas to labmates, Aisha, Muza, Nabilah n Siamak. we have gone thru it n move a step, ready to undergo the next.

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