June 14, 2011

when it comes to fashion..

When it comes to fashion, this only what comes to my mind: "Simple and Gorgeous"
sound familiar x? ehe. for those who had voted for me, yes la perhaps. 
actually i thank very much to all members and supporters yg da menjalankan tanggungjawab mengundi sy dlm fashin election. waaahaha. 

no lah. kidding. it was just, yeah, Alhamdulillah. syukur utk tempat ke-tiga dlm contest My-Style Ur-Style yg dianjurkan oleh my fren Ku-Nadia.

d prize? for third place, im gonna have a shawl, n handmade brooch. it quite an award for me. big one. coz i was truly didn't expect of winning even top five. coz i got only 99 likes in FB. sure that girl with 400++ would win. but Ku-Nadia is smart enough as winners are not judged by the highest 'like', but tagline as well. 
yeah, that is my  tagline up before this entry. ehe. 

Alhamdulillah lagi. coz i have just came back safely after a week family gathering in Sabah. erm, naaa, not gathering actually, its more on knowing n getting close with my fiance's relatives n families.
furthermore, i kinda appreciate the family for bringing me to places of gladness, Gunung Kinabalu (kaki gunung Kinabalu.  as for first time, insyaAllah top of mountain someday!), Tip of Borneo, Sepilok, RDC, Taman Buaya, what else? 
more on that! 

as for closing, nah, 1 pix.

ni d Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat. if u see d sabah map, u can see the ear-shaped looking on d top. that's where we were.
serious fast furious angin sini.. sgt2 besh!

eh, bagi lg satu gmba,

pantai ni seblah je, see d tanjung above ma head? yeah dats d Tip of Borneo.

till then!

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