April 29, 2011


my heart was broken seeing ma desired plants were cut into nothing. uwaaaaa!
the C ciliata that i planned to collect this evening was all left half. no images uploaded due to a great heart broken.
maybe its 2-3 days after cut, n im not pointing at anybody cause they don't know that was ma experimenting plants. :'( they just did their role in managing n controlling these plants which is also categorized under weed classification. i should then make a stand mark showing this is ma research territory! huh who am i to do that.

wooo~ a bit frust coz i've been waiting for a week, waiting a good weather here in Balik Pulau, Penang, d condition, d tide level n free rain to collect 'em..
just took whichever seems to have 'leaves part'.

need to wait 1-2 weeks of regenerating n regrowing.

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