April 24, 2011

Chowrasta's rout out

It was delightful to have two or three novels, at last..
it's been a while, attempting to improve ma English requires lot of readings and writings, as well as thinking..
by d way, i used to look only for novels, but it end up with buying some eco-plant books..Botany, Biodiversity n Ecology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology n Southeast Medicinal Plant..together with him, we opted these practical books to be referred within our study frame..ohh thank God, luckily we are under one roof, operating n dealing with plant.. :))
ohhh forget to mention, Dilema Melayu, we both adored Dr. M's writings, philosophies and ideas..
(happy mood! for saving our future bookshelf spaces)


sort of books not in desired arrangement, but u r lucky coz d uncle is really kind enough searching ur book of demand..

ma lil fiance there, *sighing* for his book, "owh why i only knew this place after exam?! ggrrr!"

like a treasure!..been searching d book for so long, only got after paper.. people found jewels from an isolated isle, him, got book at an isolated place somewhere above the wet market.. :))

careful your behind..

a snap before going up..
books for today!
novels: RM26

eco-plants: RM165

worth the price, i can say so, coz they are 2nd hand a.k.a used books..we got 3 novels for 26, and 7 varieties of thick, bold, huge books for 165..
smiling face =)


random pix taken along d way..

it was a disappointment reaching Bukit Bendera u couldn't enter..i thought they mentioned in newspaper, BB is open by today, Sunday 23rd April 2011.. but?
ahhh never wanna be charged of waiting.. turned back to USM..


shasha said...

wahahaha x thn aku tgk buku manyak2 ni...weyh nnti ko teman aku g lak la...nk cri buku gak...(

Fatin Athirah said...

bestnya kedai buku tu!

shahniefa said...

Sha: yup2 ok dear..bole saja.. hjg mggu ni jom ar.. :)

shahniefa said...

Fatin: haip mmg besh! bau kdai pn ala2 oldbook smell..if got freetime, dtgla penang chowrasta..mcm2 ada..


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