April 27, 2011


Owh..why this is happening? Hah-hah-hah. d fingers chose lappy keypad rather than that dusty spider-web-like logbook beside me. poor logbook.
‘Hey Naz, u r suppose to write a report right now. There's so much progress to be jotted down. Hey ur last report was Jan 2011 u know dat? And d report ain't even reach 30 sheets since ur registration okay! Do the important first babe!’ (monolog)
(Lip smiling) I have to find some strength, stimulator, and strong inducer to start writing, hah-hah-hah! (mind diddling) Its okay though, I'll mount up d data, my hand will be ready to tire out the chore. (uneasy heart)
Well, blogging is one of the inducers. suppose to be satisfied posting a "report", then only i take a move on logbook handwriting. hah-hah-hah cheeky me.
void this

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