June 16, 2009

Master Degree Holders

aku tgh pk lg sm ada nk amik part time o full time..

ikutkan semangat aku skrg lebih kpd ingin blaja lg..

nk timba ilmu lg..kerja? hmmm bukan keutamaan aku skg walaupun abah mgharapkan itu..maaf abah..

once im alone in my room..then my mind starts running..keep on thinking..i've made my 'niat'..but now is which Us is better/suits my field of study..as well as my intention..

actually its an aesy matter..but im a person who is hard to make decision..have n need sum time to think..well if that is, then i have to follow the flow..


below..i've attached some info best described what is master degree really is..cited from one of d sites i've invited..

Master Degree Programes

---The Specification Of The Study---

Master's degree students generally have a much less rigid academic schedule than undergraduates.

Because they've already earned bachelor's degrees, they've proven themselves able to withstand the rigors of academic life, and covered most of the basic courses in their field of study.

---Scope and Courses Taken---

Graduates students are thus given a little more academic freedom when it comes to choosing courses and planning their academic goals.

On the other hand, many graduate programs require students to write long original works, called theses, on a chosen topic in their field. These projects can be very time consuming and difficult.


currently..me n some of my friend still disscussing on what n which courses we going to take..planning and surveying each Us in Msia ni.. hmm glad to hv friend with the same mission n interest..hehehe..

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