April 12, 2012

20: Someone i see myself marrying/ being with in the future

wiehii. i love this part love this part. oo naz kau mmg gatai. aku mmg gatai. gatai utk bakal husband tape kan?? 
lol. insyaAllah. berkat doa kamu semua. doa ini akan menjadi kenyataan. amin..

yes of kos di mata dan di hati ini nampak si dia je, my fiance. insyaAllah husband by the end of August this year. there's too many plans and load load of activities to experience with. 

being with him, is so comfort u know. its not like mintak itu ini buat surprise gifts, or bringing u jalan2 jauh tempat mahal or whatsoever. 

im imagining that living with him, do nothing. stare each other, pn da cukup. 
thats because, even when i sit next to him during this duration of getting know each other. bole rase body aura atau cas2 tu mcm ngam. peace je. my body sangat stable. in terms of emotional. kalau ada masalah kerja o workmate ke ape, seeing him, enough to put the pulses back in place. bit weird but it happens everytime. 

thats what make me confident. seeing someone to live with in future. apatah lagi ditambah dgn unexpected backpacking trip (since mmg aku n dia suka sudden trip), or spontaneous humor (sangat bagus kalau u oll suke wat memek muka). natural immediate and unrepeatable mimicked face bole buat tension hilang. seriously. 

yg pasti kami juga mempunyai impian seperti those ordinary people, newly wed. memulakan hidup. i think let's just keep it safe in my pocket first. it will turn out itself whenever my fingers ready to jot for ya. biar jadi, baru sedap nak share, kan? yg pastinya detik2 sukar mmg biasa bg pasangan baru. aku tau itu dan aku da ready nk menempuh itu. 

but the thing i wanna stress here is im glad having him and eager to spend the rest of mylife with him. coz he's so good to me. insyaAllah, selamanya hingga ke Jannah. aminn ya rabb. 
pray for me ya, kawan2! 

till next post.


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