October 27, 2011

Sis's Grad Event

few days back, i went to KL to support my lil Sis to be.
happy as she has finally completed her 3 years struggling in UNITAR and celebrated her very big day at PICC Putrajaya. 
with all of family's best wishes, good luck will always be with u dear!

nice hallllllll! 

this is the youngest in d sibs, Hanis. she just had gone through an operation successfully. Alhamdulillah. 
actually, she had a problem where a tonsil grew in silent since she was born. the tonsil gave her a little resistance and somewhat blocking the air from entering the lungs. 
now, i am truly happy to see her. she got no implications, no side effect after the operation. 
in fact, im impressed to hear her shouting n yelling around the hall playing with Nabila n Auni, the elder siss'. 
a bit comel with her voice. i couldn't help myself eavesdropping. all attentions went to her. 
yeah. she is absolutely a young brave kid :) 

btw, Khairun Nadiatul Khazrina, u looked simply gorgeous. 
the robe fits u, giving a smart posture, besides the domo-flowers u hold. 
i remembered when u said "sorry for burdening you to come here all the way". 
naa, i'm not burdened by anybody la Sis believe me! :) 
i'm truly happy. i'm supposed to be the one who afraid of burdening any of the family members. (hope not). 
or, to be worst, i'm afraid i could regret for not coming over. 
naa don't worry. the tortures happened once in a life time! hahaha no! just kidding! 
seriously i don't mind coming all the way to see u on stage. to see mama ayah. to see Auni, Nabila, Hanis. 
in fact, i got more as a return. i got it already. this is the only chance seeing you guys. 
this is the only cure of my "miss-u-all" disorder :)

Congrats dear! 
let's pray n hope for the bright future. what's next? furthering for another step of success? yeah we know u can do it Sis! :)
here's the deal: further study in UMS? together? 
hehehe u decide!

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