March 28, 2011

Mursi Ethnic in Ethophia

My post today is more likely on information sharing..
Biasala, my fav 'portable' magazine, Infinity has been ma best source of knowledge since 2010..
This super side-sticky-sheets publish only once a month, n now i'm reading d 23rd edition.. (actually i missed the 1st till 20th sumthing) i started read from d 20th so-so edition.. as often as i read, the topics get fascinating..banyak memaparkan info2 more to facts and research, sciences, spaces, diseases, national geographic (a small community, 'tribe')..

In short, dis mag is compact, filled with valuable info dat u wouldn't absolutely regret, n exclusive (fast-read mechanism), not so over-length, just important point included as long as d messages could be delivered successfully..

One of the topic i want to share is, about Mursi ethnic in Ethophia..they all rather choose to suffer as long as they remain 'beauty' in term of their perspective is, lip-piercing tradition..

owh maybe u've had heard dis tribe before..well me too, but the thing is..ouchhh! sakit kot..
d article is as below, just re-type again..oh yes, i would certainly type it no matter how long the article is..i just like dis info.. :)

The willingness of lip-piercing..
This practice will usually be performed by the mother who has an over 15-year-old daughter. The ceremony is performed by forming lower lip into round shape, bout 1-2 cm in diameter. A piece of wood will be inserted into a pierced lip. This is the first stage, to heal the wound. After 3 weeks, 4 cm in diameter round plate is inserted to form a lip a round-look. Horror, but for them, this is the way revealing beauty. If they refuse to perform this ceremony, there’ll be no man approach.

Actually, this ceremony is not intended only for the sake of pretty, they believe that a woman with such lip would have a big reward during her wedding day. For them, the bigger the lip can be formed, the special gifts they would get. Commonly, the gifts from her future husband would be sheep, horse, cattle and so forth.

However, this belief is denied by most antropologists. These groups argue that this tradition is not directly related to the reward amount. Instead, they put forward the theory that the practice is to show that Mursi girls are matured enough and ready to get married.

This Murzu or Mursi ethnic are nomadic people who lived in the Debub Omo Zone near to the border of Sudan surrounded by the Omo river. A total of 7500 residents there are still strongly hold animism belief. One of them may be seen until now with their tradition, plate-piercing lip..

Owh maybe this is one of d heroes to be married.. ; P ahaks

Yes! done..i love doing dis!

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