March 27, 2011


hari ni memang sgt productive coz byk habiskan mase bace blog orang..
yes! thats my most damn fav thing to do when tasks get soooo abundant..!

well, i was not only simply read n go..i learnt so much too, that is, how to add pretty stuff n make ur blog a nice look and fresh it a lil' bit up..proof? just see my newly page, hihihi ada ok ka?
but ma page only touched a bit on background..n it is very simple as u can search on the template designer under d design tab, and click it away to apply on ur page..
ni la page nyer..ok a newbie ok, blaja sikit2 pn tape..

d thing dat i wanna stress here is, i've spent all day reading thru plenty of bloggers' blog..sgt cantek..i mean, dari sudut pengolahan post, template, color mixing dlm blog, gadget arrangements, n yg menarik skali, they can even edit d page attached with their own pix n teddies yg comey2..ouhhh! envy is controlling me rite now..haih!

n i tried to create d page as theirs by following d instructions given (ohh thanks btw, even y'all pnyer blog hebat, y'all xlokek utk share d secrets)
i was then followed with pleasingness..
but failed! why? i don no..maybe because of the different template designer? i really don no..i was getting tired trying over n over..

tapela..esok masih ada..nk tidoq dulu..

ohh.. forget to mention, i am d person dat easily gets sleepy cause of tension..
its like drug addicted..but im d opposite way, "sleep 'induced-by-stress' addicted"?

till d next post..

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