March 10, 2012

18: Plans / goals / dreams i have

banyak okeh plan dlm list sekarang, yg mana memang sangat teruja nk share,
hopefully all of them will be achieved and become reality.

plan, goal and dreams for are the same thing, but slight different in terms of jangka masa kita nk capai
macam plan, we can just state about anything, whereas goal and dreams tu termasuklah dalam plan
and plan ni pada level harapan, we don't put such a big hope for them. its just kalau ada rezeki, dapatla.
its like, 'picking a right place for dinner', 'wanna chill with long lost friend to somewhere', 'wanna spend money for beautiful dresses'
but yet, the place of occasion/events/whatnot belum lagi ditetapkan atau samar2 lagi
which in the period aspect, it might take a long time to be accomplished, depend on the clarification of the plan.
once we've plan, we are ought to make it true cuma samada cepat atau lambat.
so for me that's a 'plan'.

different for goals and dreams. these two words lebih kurang sama matlamatnya.
whenever we talk about goals and dreams, kita dengan sedaya upaya anda automatically letak sepenuh usaha utk capai semua tu. the words are like special that, when u are unable to accomplish it, u would be regret or somehow terkilan sikit kan.
whatever it is, kita hanya mampu merancang but then Allah s.w.t sahaja yg menentukan setelah berusaha. kan. insyaAllah. but, if tak tercapai, mungkin ada something lebih baik Dia nak bagi. so, chill!

so here's the the plans, the goals and the dreams i have in list

1. sedaya upaya finish up all tasks including all sampling bagai, so the starter is definitely me myself. just to be taken all out je, huh
(i do it d best of myself ape)
just situasi like, chemical xsampai2 lagik, yg mendelaykan keje. ugh.
2. kawen
yeay! know what? i'm now starting counting the days! hopefully segalanya berjalan lancar.

till then
oh ye, i know im not that sharp to finish the challenge betul2 ikut sequence 1day 1 post, but then i would never skip one of the quests.

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