December 11, 2011

Toy Museum to be visited!

after a long straight work loads.
hence, i planned to indulge myself with a visit. 
(psttt, this supposed to be a wordless post!)
and short post too!

 entrance. Rm10 per person (Malaysian). Rm 20 for non Malaysian.
is it only me recognizing the Firaun statue all over the place? 

avatar!!! my fav movie!  

 my other fav movie! corpse bride!! :)

 what's so focus? 

 i don't see anything my fiance find to be focused on. ;p

ohh, he impressed with the detail-ness of all these tiny constructions and makings. 

very the yaiks!  

oh my, seriously, feels like vomiting.

ada gaya x? she is copying me actually ;p
that's it. another nice and easy weekend trip. just to release some tense before continuing my work in Pharmacy lab. hope this short visit would be the best remedy of all sengal-sengalan. :)
thought that there would be no or less enjoyment and entertainment after this. weekend would be a date with all library books been borrowed, and numerous datas to be keyed in. 

well, it depends! :)

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